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Because there are materials in Europa which Earth also contain. A example of this is H2o (Water)

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Europa is the fourth largest moon of Jupiter. Scientists think that life may exist on Europa because there is evidence that liquid water may exist beneath its icy surface. Europa is pushed and pulled by the high gravity of Jupiter as well as by the gravity of Jupiter's other moons. This makes Europa expand and contract and causes it to heat up and this heat may cause some of Euorpa's icy crust to melt under the surface. So, there may be lakes and oceans of liquid water on Europa. Water is a major requirement for life. If there is liquid water on Europa, there may be life.

Enceladus, its also has some relatively complex organic molecules...leading this BIOLOGIST to think it had/has some life on it. Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter is covered with ice

Europa has ice on it and it is hypothesized that there is an ocean of water below the ice.Some have suggested that there is life on Europa. The Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) has been proposed to investigate this and other aspects in a 2020 launch.

Europa's atmosphere is very thin and some say it is too small to have an atmosphere, but that's not true. Europa is only slightly smaller than the moon. The atmosphere on Europa has oxygen in it so scientists are trying to discover if there could be life on Europa some day.

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No, because it's gaseous. But the moon Europa might be able to support life on the seafloor.

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Well in order for a planet to have life it must not be too hot or too cold. It must have the right atmosphere and it should have water. Europa might be to cold but scientists think if there are hot underwater springs like there is on earth, It could give the heat for life but there are other reasons why Europa would not have life. The hole surfuce of the planet is coverd in ice. This means the ice blocks the sun's light from getting in the planet and this is a problem because plants require light to grow. So if the plants on Europa can not get light then animals cant eat the plants. Well that might make you think the planet only has carnivores but if the planet only had carnivores then the carnivores will eat each other until there is no life. If there are no plants there is no life but some plants don't need light to grow. Like a mushroom but plants like that eat off other plants and if there is no plants to eat off it won't do well either. That's my theory of why there is no life on Europa but I think scientists try to look for life on other planets because they would like to find life. I would also like to know if there is life and if god just made life on one or many planets?.

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Potentially. Evidence suggests that there is liquid water inside Europa, which opens the possibility that it could hold some sort of life.

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