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They will USE whatever they have to. Why would they want to use a fire truck? correct answer vehicles used all depends on the structure of the department police departments have emt and paramedics so do fire dept but police and fire fighters have completely different training police are not trained in the operation of fire vehicles, so it would not be any reason for them to drive one Some police forces, called Public Saftey have police officers who are trained as firefighters, and they do use fire trucks.

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Q: Why do some police forces use ambulances but not fire trucks?
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Which is the only vehicle allowed to go through a red light?

Emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances only.

What does the company Code 3 do?

The company Code 3 sells emergency lighting and sirens for emergency vehicles like police cars, fire engines and ambulances. They also provide lighting for utility trucks who do roadside work.

What types of trucks are used as emergency vehicles?

Many emergency vehicles are specialized models only used for one specific purpose; fire trucks and ambulances have other function. Though police cruisers vary by city and jurisdiction, by far the most widely used in the United States is the Ford Crown Victoria.

Are used dump trucks sold at public auction?

"There are many types of trucks available for purchase at public auctions. Dump trucks, Front End Loaders, Fire Engines, Ambulances and various other larger service vehicles are often available."

Are after market halo headlights legal in the state of Minnesota?

No, as long as the halos are "white" you should be fine. Blue lights are usually for cops and red are for ambulances or fire trucks.

What is the sign that a goal has been scored in hockey?

Traditionally it is some kind of horn or air horn, maybe even a siren. The goal judge will turn on a red light similar to those on police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances and you will see the referee point towards the goal.

Where can one purchase a LED lightbar?

LED lightbars are used to give high visibility to vehicles, and are typically used on police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks and construction vehicles. They can be purchased from stores which carry vehicle safety products. Some examples are Emergency City, CPS Authority, Whelen, Strobes n' More and Federal Signal.

Does a police vehicle have more right of way when it has its lights flashing and siren on than a fire truck with its lights flashing and siren on?

No. Ambulances and firefighting vehicles get precedence.

How did cities solve the problems of crime and fire and fire?

Cities developed professional firefighting and police forces.

What do firefighters ride?

Fire trucks and fire enine or fire rescue

How did cities solve the problem of crime and fire?

ceveloped fireman and police forces

Is there a law that states that the emergency services can not sound their siren after a certain time of day-night?

No. In most states their are laws that list the Db levels, and how high those levels can be at what time of the day. In nearly all of these laws emergency services are exempt, including; police cars; fire trucks; ambulances; fire alarms; tornado sirens; and other emergency service's that are noisy.

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