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Why do some police forces use ambulances but not fire trucks?


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They will USE whatever they have to. Why would they want to use a fire truck? correct answer vehicles used all depends on the structure of the department police departments have emt and paramedics so do fire dept but police and fire fighters have completely different training police are not trained in the operation of fire vehicles, so it would not be any reason for them to drive one Some police forces, called Public Saftey have police officers who are trained as firefighters, and they do use fire trucks.


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Emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances only.

Many emergency vehicles are specialized models only used for one specific purpose; fire trucks and ambulances have other function. Though police cruisers vary by city and jurisdiction, by far the most widely used in the United States is the Ford Crown Victoria.

"There are many types of trucks available for purchase at public auctions. Dump trucks, Front End Loaders, Fire Engines, Ambulances and various other larger service vehicles are often available."

No, as long as the halos are "white" you should be fine. Blue lights are usually for cops and red are for ambulances or fire trucks.

Traditionally it is some kind of horn or air horn, maybe even a siren. The goal judge will turn on a red light similar to those on police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances and you will see the referee point towards the goal.

Fire trucks come in a wide variety of colours. Most people think all fire trucks are red, but they come in a wide variety of colours. In Chicago all their fire trucks are black and red. In the city of Clearwater, FL their first trucks are a neon orange. In Hawaii their fire trucks are a bright yellow. In Miami, FL their fire trucks are a neon green. In Thorton, IL their fire trucks are green. In Goshen, CO their fire trucks are blue. In Barbeton, OH their fire trucks are purple. In Northfolk, MA their fire trucks are black.

Fire trucks are often dispatched when there is a complication at the emergency scene - for example: An M.V.A., (Motor Vehicle Accident), where multiple vehicles may be involved and need to be moved or a patient is trapped inside of their vehicle and can't open the doors, the 'Jaws of Life' will be used to free the victim and they work on pneumatics.

No. In most states their are laws that list the Db levels, and how high those levels can be at what time of the day. In nearly all of these laws emergency services are exempt, including; police cars; fire trucks; ambulances; fire alarms; tornado sirens; and other emergency service's that are noisy.

Various types of fire trucks, which will vary by department and what kind of environment they operate in. A more rural fire department might have trucks with internal water storage, whereas an urban fire department can rely on the availability of fire hydrants. A city fire department would be more prone to having hook-and-ladder trucks in order to reach tall buildings, whereas this wouldn't be as much of an issue for a more rural fire department. Brush trucks would be more commonplace in a rural or small town fire department, what these are will also be dependent on the fire department and what they deal with. For a fire department which might deal with vacant lot fires, but not major forest fires, it may simply be a modified 4x4 pickup, whereas other departments may use demilitarised tactical trucks and tracked vehicles. Some departments will have ambulances as their stations, since EMS is normally part of Fire and Rescue for that town, city, or county.

Cities developed professional firefighting and police forces.

Every vehicle has the ability to turn on flashing lights. Most commonly, police cars, ambulances and fire trucks employ flashing lights as a warning to other drivers of an emergency. A normal motorist can emgage their flashers in case they are pulled off the road in an emergency or going below the speed limit.

All the Emergency vehicles, which could include Law Enforcement vehicles, Fire Trucks or Ambulances, and/or a Volunteer's 'Personal' Vehicle which is in route to the emergency station or the location of the incident itself.(i.e. a volunteer fire-fighter in route to the fire station to grab the fire truck)

They developed professional firefighting and police forces

Here are some fire trucks for sale: You can also check Craigslist or ask your fire station what they do with the old trucks when they get new ones.

Cities developed professional firefighting and police forces.

Virgil Trucks went by Fire.

20 fire trucks were sent to cool done the heat coming from the volcano. 45 ambulances were sent and doctors were sent from all ovr the state to try and help the injured.

When the vehicle is moving towards you, the sound waves are shoved in front of it, and that makes them sound higher-pitched - then, after it has passed and is moving away from you, the sound waves slow back down and you hear the pitch drop.

98 fire trucks were destroyed and 343 firefighters died on 9 11

As cars and truck were invented so were Fire truck invented. At first regular vehicles were modified to meet fire department needs. Then manufactures started building trucks for fire department needs. Before trucks wagons and hand carts were made specifically for fire departments. I know of no exact date but you can find photos of Fire trucks as early as the 1900's

You cannot fire bullets from police helicopter.You can fire from hunter helicopter and police boat by using fire control.

Fire trucks always come with ambulances because skills a fireman have might be needed that a paramedic does not. They go hand and hand because you never know when the situation might call for it. The ambulance and driver is for transport and treatment to the hospital, the fireman is for rescue or getting the person to the EMT for treatment. An ambulance EMT can't get someone out of a burning house or wrecked car. They probably could, but it is not their job and wouldn't have the equipment to do it.

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