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Ice crystals require something to start growing on (a nucleus), such a sdirt/dust etc. If the droplet is pure, there is no nucleus to start off the crystallisation process. Hence a drop of water becomes supercooled. Water will spontaneously freeze at -42C (approx) if it lacks the nucleus.

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Clouds in which the water droplets remain liquid below 0 degrees are said to be?

super cooled, D

Are clouds liquid?

Clouds are water. Water can be found in three forms : solid, liquid and gas. Water as a gas is called water vapour. Clouds form when water vapour turns back into liquid water droplets. That is called condensation. So, clouds are liquid water droplets.

Choose the statement that is true clouds?

clouds are large quantities of liquid water droplets

What forms clouds and fog?

Tiny droplets of liquid water

How does water vapor in the air change into liquid droplets forming clouds?


Is cloud a matter?

Liquid and solid. Clouds are formed from tiny droplets of water or ice. Low fluffy clouds are liquid, the high streak clouds are usually solid ice particles. You can see the droplets often when you walk through fog, which is the same as a cloud, but at ground level.

Why do clouds form before it rains?

Clouds typically form when water vapor in the atmosphere condenses into tiny liquid droplets

Clouds are large quantities of liquid water droplets?

Clouds are large quantities of water vapor. This is the gaseous form of water and is what makes up clouds.

Are clouds composed of frozen hydrogen molecules?

No, they are large quantities of liquid water droplets.

Why do clouds form before rain?

Clouds form when water vapor condenses into tiny liquid droplets. If enough condensation occurs in a cloud then some of the droplets will grow bigger and fall as rain.

What does a cloud consist of?

Clouds are visible form of moisture. They can be liquid droplets or frozen droplets of water or any other chemical suspended in the atmosphere.

What is the average day temperature of Jupiter in Fahrenheit?

Jupiter's average surface temperature is -244 degrees Fahrenheit or -153 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in Jupiter's clouds is about -220 degrees Fahrenheit or -140 degrees Celsius. The hydrogen in Jupiter's inner core is in a liquid form.

Is this a true statement clouds are large quantities of liquid water droplets?

Mostly, but clouds also contain dust particles and bits and pieces of ice, depending on how high they are. It is widely accepted that clouds are made of water droplets and water vapor

The process by which clouds form as water vapor cools and changes into liquid water droplets?


Do clouds evaporate?

AnswerYes.Clouds are made up water gone though condensation, and thus are tiny droplets in liquid form. These droplets can evaporate, hence when cloud cover dissipates due to evaporation.

What state is steam fog or clouds of water?

Steam is a vapor. Clouds and fog are tiny droplets of liquid water, suspended in the air (clouds) or settling to the ground (fog).

Is the formation of clouds a physical or chemical change?

Clouds are produced by the condensation of water vapor into tiny droplets of liquid water, a physical process.

Where is liquid water found in the atmosphere?

Rain? Clouds are also made out of water droplets (or ice crystals).

What form of matter are clouds?

clouds are actually very small droplets of water.since clouds actually are from water vapor, which is a gas, condensation happens so that clouds will form.condensation means that from gas which is water vapor, turns back to liquid,that forms, clouds are also known as liquid...

What is a denotation and not a connotation of the word rain?

Liquid water droplets that have condensed from atmospheric vapor. When enough of these droplets have accumulated in the clouds, they become heavy enough to fall to earth.

What is the combination of water vapour and dust suspended in the sky?

I suspect you are thinking of clouds, but this is not an accurate description of them. It is important to realise that clouds contain droplets of liquid water, not water vapour. The droplets often condense around dust particles.

Are clouds large quanties of liquid water droplets?

Yes. If they were only water vapor, you wouldn't be able to see them.

Liquid water is changed to water vapor by the process of Water vapor forms into clouds by the process of?

Liquid water is changed to water vapor by the process of evaporation (or boiling)Water vapor forms into clouds (liquid droplets) by the process of condensation

What is made of droplets of liquid in another liquid?

an aerosol is made of droplets of liquid in another liquid.

How can formation of water droplets on the outside of a cold glass on a hot day serve as a model for a cloud formation?

As the moist air rises, water vapor condenses and clouds form. Clouds are made of tiny droplets of liquid water or ice.