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Ice crystals require something to start growing on (a nucleus), such a sdirt/dust etc. If the droplet is pure, there is no nucleus to start off the crystallisation process. Hence a drop of water becomes supercooled. Water will spontaneously freeze at -42C (approx) if it lacks the nucleus.

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Q: Why do some water droplets in clouds remain liquid at temperature less than zero degrees?
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Clouds in which the water droplets remain liquid below 0 degrees are said to be?

super cooled, D

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clouds are large quantities of liquid water droplets

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Clouds are large quantities of water vapor. This is the gaseous form of water and is what makes up clouds.

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Liquid and solid. Clouds are formed from tiny droplets of water or ice. Low fluffy clouds are liquid, the high streak clouds are usually solid ice particles. You can see the droplets often when you walk through fog, which is the same as a cloud, but at ground level.

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