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Some women havbe very good muscle tone which holds the belly in, some have a small baby and some just seem to hide it away somewhere.

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Q: Why do some women have a small belly even in the second trimester?
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How do pregnant women feel during their second trimester?

This is my third pregnancy, and when you hit your second should be feeling great. .

Does a pregnant women produce hcg in the second trimester?

Hcg will be there in the entire pregnancy. The level will be high in the first trimester and will gradually decrease in the third trimester.

When does a pregnant woman's belly button start to stick out?

That very much depends on your body/belly button type, how big you get and when you 'pop'. Some women have their belly buttons pop out as early as 14 weeks! Some women don't have it happen until their third trimester. It also changes; your belly button can pop a bit, and then kind of even out with your belly not seem as big since the belly is huge.

Which trimester do babies start kicking?

Most women start to feel movement in the second trimester, anywhere from 16-20 weeks, although some women dont feel it until 21-24 weeks.

Can you start showing at 3 weeks pregnant?

No, women usually don't start showing until the second trimester.

Should i still be vomiting in my second trimester?

each pregnancy is diffrent, some women vomit more then others.

Is your belly big when you are pregnant?

This ultimately depends on the size of your baby, every pregnancy is different but in most cases a pregnant woman's belly grows from the size of her fist to the size of a watermelon. It does take time to start showing but some woman have been known to at asearly as 10 weeks but most women show within the second trimester

What is the breakdown of what happens in each trimester?

First trimester is the beginning when the developing embryo becomes implanted into the endometrial lining of a woman's uterus. Morning sickness can occur in about seventy percent of all pregnant women and typically improves after the first trimester. Months 4 through 6 of the pregnancy are called the second trimester. Most women feel more energized in this period, and begin to seriously put on weight as the symptoms of morning sickness subside and eventually fade away. Final weight gain takes place in the third trimester, which is the most weight gain throughout the pregnancy. The fetus will be growing the most rapidly during this stage, gaining up to 28g per day. The woman's belly will transform in shape as the belly drops due the the fetus turning in a downward position ready for birth.

Which trimester should pregnant women take particular care whilst exercising?

Pregnant women should take care when exercising in all trimesters, to be honest, because all of them come with different risks: First trimester is where the baby is smallest and therefore most vulnerable. There is more risk of miscarriage in this trimester, so women should take care not to do anything overly strenuous Second trimester is where there is a risk of premature birth. Although some babies survive being born in the second trimester, it is risky and many do not survive. So women should take care during exercise in the second trimester to lower the risk of premature birth Third trimester is where there is not so much risk because the baby would survive being born in the third trimester, however, the mother may find it difficult to exercise during this trimester due to back ache, needing to pee more, exhaustion and a large bump. Also, she may find she gets out out breath very easily or gets hot very quickly

Why do you have to take out your belly button ring when becoming pregnant?

Belly rings can itch and pull around the beginning of the third trimester, and most doctors advise they be removed to prevent the risk of infection. However, pregnant women can purchase special pregnancy belly rings to keep their piercings open during this time.

Pregnant women should avoid exercise in a supine position until after their first trimester?

false. pregnant women should avoid exercise in the supine position after the first trimester. not until after the first trimester.

Can pregnant women take pliva 334?

In first trimester your Doctor would like to avoid this medication containing Metronidazole. But ifnecessary, it may be given for minimum period. From second trimester, it can be given, without much hesitation.

Why are you so aroused during pregnancy?

It's to do with the pregnancy hormones. Especially during the second trimester, they can make women feel very aroused

How long is a trimester?

A trimester is roughly 12 weeks long. You can see the trimesters below: First trimester 0-12 weeks: 12 weeks Second trimester 13-27 weeks: 14 weeks Third trimester 28-40 weeks: 12 weeks The third trimester can last over 12 weeks though, because many women go overdue. The third trimester can last an extra 2 weeks. This makes it 14 weeks long in some cases.

Will you start to show at 16 weeks if this is your first pregnancy?

This depends on how you are built to begin with but most women start to show in the second trimester. How much they show differs.

When will your belly get hard?

As with everything, this depends on the person. Some women report their stomachs getting firmer toward the end of their first trimester. Most common seems to be stomach hardening at about 18-28 weeks. Other women say their tummy did not get firm until after 30 weeks.

Are chest x rays contraindicated in pregnancy?

Pregnant women, particularly those in the first or second trimester, should not have chest x rays unless absolutely necessary

What should I do as my periods delaying by more than 20 days with a belly swollen up by 4inches?

you might want to see if your pregnant.some women still have periods while they are pregnant.My mom had her period for the first trimester of her pregnance with my sister.

Can you get a little bump after a week when pregnant?

No. Most women start to show in the second trimester. After sex it takes 2 weeks just to get pregnant and then it's barely visible in size.

How soon into pregnancy to people get heartburn?

Everybody is different and can experience heartburn from as early as the day after conception to as late as just before giving birth. Some women can have it for the first trimester only, the second trimester only, the third trimester only or the whole way through their pregnancy with some women having it randomly and without a pattern. If you experience extreme heartburn at any point during your pregnancy you should consult your doctor for the best remedy.

Are belly bras available for both men and women?

Belly Bras are made for women. They are a bra that also includes length below the bustline that supports the abdomen of pregnant women.

How many pregnant women carry GBS in their vaginas during the last trimester of pregnancy?

Up to 20% of pregnant women carry GBS in their vaginas during the last trimester, with the potential of infecting the fetus during birth.

What can cause miscarriage at 14 weeks?

Technically, a second-trimester miscarriage is a loss that happens between 12 and 20 weeks. A pregnancy loss after 20 weeks would be classified as a stillbirth or a neonatal death.A number of factors can lead to second-trimester miscarriage. Some miscarriages diagnosed in early in the second trimester might have actually occurred in the first trimester but were not detected immediately (these would be called missed miscarriages).Losses that occur after 12 weeks can be due to chromosomal abnormalities, which are a major culprit in almost all forms of pregnancy loss. But second-trimester miscarriages have a much greater likelihood than first-trimester miscarriages to be caused by other factors. Some of these are:Cervical insufficiency or very early preterm laborInfectionsAbdominal traumaCongenital birth defects, such as heart malformations in the babyThrombophilia disordersProblems with the placenta (such as placental abruption)Unknown causesWomen who have had second-trimester pregnancy losses should consult with a doctor early in their next pregnancies in case extra monitoring is needed.

When does a women get morning sickness when she's pregnant?

It's different for many women, but typically women get morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Is Cortal dangerous on pregnant women?

Yes it will affect on pregnant women if taken in full dose during third trimester.