Why do teachers hit students?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Because they needed the punishment, and the thought if they hit them they would be better behaved.

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Because kids don't know when to shut up.

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Q: Why do teachers hit students?
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Can students hit teachers?

In the USA, teachers are allowed to physically hit students in 21 states.

Do teachers hit students in Slovakia?


Does teachers tickle students?

no teachers don't tickle students

Are teachers allowed to hit students?

In many countries this is prohibited though the rule is not universal.

What is the noun in three students and their teachers are coming?

The noun in the sentence is "students" and "teachers" as they refer to people.

Why should teachers challenge students?

why should teachers challenge students

The average age of a group of teachers and students is 20 The average age of the teachers is 35 The average age of the students is 15 What is the ratio of teachers to students?

1 : 3

How has schools changed over the years?

well there used be the cane and teachers cud hit students they cant now they get sued :)

Should students be allowed to hit teachers?

No definitely not. I came from an era where teacher could cane students over the hands. I coped it several times myself. and at no time did I feel the punishment justified the crime. Allowing frustrated teachers to vent their anger on children with acts of violence is just plain wrong. It is wrong in the same way as corporal punishment would be for adults. I am not particularly against a parent giving a small child a small slap on the back side but I think teachers hitting kids is an affront on both the teachers and the child's human rights and dignity. If we are not allowed to hit prisoners in prison we should treat our children with the same consideration.teachers shouldn't be allowed to hit students but they can they only took the cane away because they thought it was too harsh Should teachers be allowed to hit students?Of course not, nor are they allowed to hit students. They are however, allowed to 'correct' students. That is, if a student requires physical guidance to keep themselves or others safe, teachers are allowed to adminster physical correction, much as a parent would.

Are schools teachers supposed to be nice to the students?

Teachers should treat students in the same manner as they would expect students to treat them.

What causes breakdown in communication between teachers and students?

The breakdown in communication between teachers and students is disrespect. The solution starts with the teachers learning how to behave, instead of reacting to a situation, Behavioral skills are important to teachers and students

What is the Number of teachers per 1000 students in Greenland?

As of 1992-93, there were 835 teachers for 9785 students (, or about 85 teachers per 1000 students.