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Some people decide to get married because they want to move out of their parent's house and some people get pregnant. Marriage is sacred and should only be done if the couple truly love one another.

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Q: Why do teens get married?
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What percent of teens get married?

about 40 percent of teens get married each year.

When did Indians get married?

In their teens.

How many teens get married?

Alot of teens get married; however, it is proven that by the 2nd year over half divorce.

How do you get teens married on Sims 3?

Unfortunately you can not marry teens in sims 3. :(

Celebrities who married in their teens?

Some celebrities who married in their teens include: Demi Moore married when she was 17 Bo Derek married when she was 18 Milla Jovovich married when she was 16 Olivia Wilde married when she was 19 Solange Knowles married when she was 17 LeAnn Rimes married when she was 19

What is percentage of pregnant teens that get married?


Did newton get married?

No, Newton never married although he was engaged in his late teens.

Did Isaac Newton get married?

No, Newton never married although he was engaged in his late teens.

Did Samual Champlain get married?

Yes, he was married to a girl barely out of her teens according to history.

Do teens have affairs?

no- unless your married, but they do cheat on each other

Were Oprah's parents ever married?

No, her parents were unwed teens.

Can teens on The Sims get married?

No. THey only have the option to "Go Steady" :)

Can teens have babys on sims 3?

No they can't, but on, there is a something that you can download so that teens can woohoo, get pregnant and get married.

What are some positive choices that teens can make?

One choice teens can make is that to not have sex when they aren't married, and then when they get pregnant, have abortion!

Can teens be married secretly?

No, teens under the age of 18 are minors and cannot be married secretly because a marriage certificate has to be filed with Vital Statistics. If the teens lie about their age and the person marrying them does not bother to check for proper ID, then the marriage can be annulled by the parents.

Is it fair to ban teens from malls?

It depends on who you are talking to. Most teens would probably say no. Most married adults with teens will probably say yes. Me? I would say "IDK".

Name something that teens elsewhere in the world might do at a younger age than American teens?

smoke drinking get jobs get married drive

Where is it legal for teens to get married?

You can get married when your 15 if BOTH the girl and guys ( of male male female female) parents are 100% okay with it

How many married teenagers are in Canada?

There are 6.2 million married teens in Canada. And only some of them are living a happy life with children.

Is there a virtual world where teens can get married and date?

No but you could on ourworld give your heart away

Are teens getting married for love?

Some do for that reason and some do becaus the girl could be pregnant.

Did Lacey Mosley get a divorce?

Yes, Lacey did have a divorce, she was married for a brief time when she was in her teens, but she is now married to Joshua Sturm who is the guitarists for the band Kairos.

How old do you have to be to get married in the UK without consent?

18 in England and Wales, 16 in Scotland, but very few people in their teens choose to get married at such a young age.

Who was sir Isaac Newton engaged to?

A Ms. Storey, but he never actually married her, he was engaged in his late teens.

Can 15 yr old teens get married if the girl is pregnante in KY?

They would have to convince a judge that they should get married. It is not likely to be allowed, as they cannot support themselves at that age.