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Lifters usually tap when they get too much water in them, the ball check loses lubrication, you may have a slight leak from your coolant, My lower intake gasket was leaking and i had the same problem.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:00:14
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Q: Why do the 91 3.1 lifters tap at idle but gets better every time you change oil but returns in a couple of weeks?
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If your engine is full of oil, drain off a quart of it. It's messy and you have to be quick or you might drain it all. With the engine a quart low add one quart of MARVEL MYSTERY OIL. Drive the car about a hundred miles, include some high speed highway miles. Now do a regular oil and filter change with HIGH QUALITY (NOT WAL-MART OR OTHER NO-NAME BRANDS) 5w30 oil. I prefer Castrol and Valvoline. This should quiet it down. If it does quiet down, change oil again at only 20,000 mile intervals for the next couple of changes going back to the recommended 10w30 oil.The marvel oil flushes caked-on deposits from your lifters as well as from the rest of your internal parts. If the Marvel oil doesn't help, you need to replace the hydraulic lifters.I wish you good luck.

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