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it measures the ionization of the air.

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Where is the neutral for 25kv ac single phase supply used for electric locomotives?

from ground

How do you use single phase electric supply without neutral supply line?

Any two legs of a three phase system is classed as single phase. A neutral is not needed in this type of classification.

What is the difference between a single pole switched socket and a double pole switched socket?

The term refers to whether the switch just acts on the live supply in the socket (single pole), or the live and neutral (double pole).

Why neutral grounding transformer is connected to generator?

To create a neutral in the supply feed for lighting and other supply needing a neutral a neutral needs to be married at the source and divorced at the supply

How can you convert 3 phase supply into single phase supply?

The same way the electric company does it: connect your appliance between one of the three lines and the neutral wire.

What is smps?

switched mode power supply

Functions of smps in computer?

In a computer, the SMPS is the switched mode power supply. It uses a switching regulator to efficiently convert power as it transfers electric power to the load from a source.

What is TPN power supply?

Triple pole and neutral supply

Can you give me a sentence for the word neutral?

neutral is a return path of supply .

When is grounded conductor actually a neutral?

The neutral is grounded at the supply transformer.

What is the full form of SMPS?

Switched Mode Power Supply

What is a single-phase?

Single-phase is used to describe a simple AC power supply on two wires called a line and a neutral. It distinguishes the supply from a three-phase supply using three or four wires, which is common in electric power distribution.

What is the population of Karachi Electric Supply Company?

Karachi Electric Supply Company's population is 17,000.

How do you install a doorbell with four wires both having black and red wires?

It depends on what the wires are connected to and where the power supply is located. If the switch is lighted power has to get to the switch for the light. With a lighted switch you have a hot supply side, a neutral and then the wire going to the bell. So if Black 1 and Red 1 are supply voltage you would connect Red 1 to the hot side of switch, Black 1 would go to common as would Black 2. Red 2 would go to Bell side of the switch.

Why there is always a neutral wire in the supply of electricity to home?

For any electricity supply there has to be a pair of wires to carry the electric current. One of the wires is connected to earth at the transformer where the power comes from. That one is called the neutral. They can't both be grounded so only one of them is, and that prevents a buildup of static electricity.

What is the function of neutral wire in relationship to feeder line?

The neutral wire is used to close the current circuit between the load and the supply distribution's neutral bar. Where as the feeder line is used to supply the current between the supply distribution and the load.

When was Karachi Electric Supply Company created?

Karachi Electric Supply Company was created in 1913-09.

What does SMPS stand for?

SMPS stands for switched mode power supply

All three legs of my dimmer are hot?

If the hot is connected to the supply and it is turned on and the switch is turned on and the neutral not connected this could be quite true. Connect the neutral to the supply neutral and shut the switch off. Now the only reading that you should get is the hot supply.

When was North Eastern Electric Supply Company created?

North Eastern Electric Supply Company was created in 1889.

When was Islamabad Electric Supply Company created?

Islamabad Electric Supply Company was created on 1998-04-25.

Difference between Switched mode power supply and UPS?

Switched mode power supply is used to lower 220/110 volt to lower level. But UPS gives power during a power shutdown.

Why was the electric generator invented?

The electric generator was invented to generate electricity where the electric supply is not there.

What does double pole mean on a cooker control unit?

"Double-pole" refers to the type of switch used to disconnect the cooker from the incoming household electricity supply. Only by using a double-pole switch can the cooker's connections to both the live (or "hot") and neutral supply wires be switched on and off simultaneously.

Why neutral is earthed always?

The two wires carrying a standard ac power supply are the live and the neutral. By convention one of the two wires is earthed at the transformer providing the supply. That then becomes the neutral and the other wire is the live.