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Why do the pieces of an old stump glow in the dark?

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== == A great question. The mycellium of common mushrooms are bioluminescent and glow in the dark. These have been used for centuries. Settlers in the US used to pack them into glass jars and read books by the light. They called it foxfire. Although most people don't want to go Into the Woods at night, there are wonderful things to discover when you turn off the flashlight!

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Why does cat pee glow in the dark?

Cat urine does not glow in the dark. This is an old myth.

Are there any wall clocks that glow in the dark but that wont keep my eight year old awake at night (he now has an obsession with things that glow in the dark)?

Yes, there are many glow in the dark wall clocks. One brand is Timekeeper, another is Kirch.

What are some fun things for a ten year old to make?

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How do you burn out a tree stump?

by putting old would on the stump and burn it

How old is Patrick Stump?

Patrick Stump is 33 years old (birthdate: April 27, 1984).

How old do glowworms have to be before they glow?

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How old was Patrick stump when he started fall out boy?

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What is old harry the rock's wife called?

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What are some old paints that are no longer around?

Radium paint is no longer around. It was used to make glow-in-the-dark watch dials, and it was radioactive. They still make glow-in-the-dark watch dials, but the paint on them contains phosphorescent compounds that store energy from light and gradually release it. Lead-based paint is also largely nonexistent today.

What year did old harry's wife rocks fall into a stump?


Tree Stump Removal Services?

Anyone who has a nasty tree stump sitting in the yard from an old tree that has died or was struck down by lightening, wants to have that stump removed. Tree stump removal can be done in different ways. There are products on the market that can be used on the stump to make the stump porous by dissolving it. This isn't too difficult. Holes need to be drilled all around the top and sides and the product is poured into each hole. The stump can then be burned in four to six weeks or it can be let to decompose naturally. Another way to remove the stump is to hire a professional to do the job.

How old was 50 cent when he made the song glow of a thug?

50 cent was 18 years old when he started his verse on Glow of a thug. He did not make the song, instead he sampled it from Change- Glow of a love.

Would salt and water kill a tree stump?

No it would not, your best bet would be to have a stump removal specialist come and do it for you. If you know about fungi then use oyster mushrooms to decompose the stump, this way is slow and takes about a year but you get fresh oyster mushrooms to eat every rain. You can burn the stump depending on where you live and how old the stump is. If its fresh it will not burn good, but if its old it'll burn up nicely and *presto* no more stump. I use the mushroom method on stumps around my place and it works great, its taken about a year and the stump is wood chips now, I have probably ate around 3 pounds of oysters :)

How much long is cricket pitch?

A cricket pitch is exactly 1 chain (an old imperial measurement) equal to 22 yards or 20.1 meters from stump to stump.

What is stump water?

An old timer from Alabama told me in detail about making "stump water" as he called it. It was moonshine that they literally fermented in an old hollow log. The process also involved manure and corn. My sense of it was that this was a sort of whiskey.

What is Latin word for glow?

Niteo is the Latin word for glow. It can be modified in a few cases (such as "it glows") but the one word that means just plain old glow is niteo.

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What famous sea stumps in the UK are there?

The Old Harry Rocks are England, and they have a stack and a stump.

Will Camellias regrow if cut right back to a stump of 'old wood'?

They will if there are any buds left on the old wood.

Any ideas for an 11 year old girl's party?

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