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Whatever it is wrapped in slows the loss of heat. It acts as an insulator.

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Q: Why do things cool down more slowly if they are wrapped?
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How does tea cool down?

the steam rises slowly and it starts to loose its heat

How do things cool down?

There are many ways different types of things cool down. Some cool down fans, ice, air conditioning, and dirt are commonly used ways.


Place the hot glass in a slight draught will help it to cool slowly and avoid cracking.

What will an object that is warmer than it's surroundings do?

cool down to the temperature of its surroundings slowly

What will an object that Is warmer than it's surrounding do?

cool down to the temperature of its surroundings slowly

What will an object that is warmer than it's its surroundings do?

cool down to the temperature of its surroundings slowly

Why do hot things cool down?

An object will cool down if its temperature is greater than the temperature of its surroundings.

What is energy storage?

"Water absorbs heat and retains the energy for a long period of time. This allows living things to warm up and cool down slowly." -my textbook :]

What rocks have crystals in them?

All rocks have crystals in them, what ever king they are. If they cool down slowly they tend to have bigger ones and if they cool down quickly they have smaller ones. SIMPLES!!

Does the condensation of water vapor cool things down?


Why do people use ice?

to cool things down

Why does magma cool slowly?

Magma cools down when it erupts into the air but retains its heat in the volcano.

What do you do in a cool down?

you jog slowly fo abt 10 to 20 mins and then u stretch

Why does the body need a cool down?

I it is after a workout you need to slowly do stretching and other exercise to slow down your heart rate. Refuel with water and after awhile eat. If you mean cool down from a hot day water is the best way to cool down internally.

How do you cool down after a netball game?

To cool down after a game of netball you could put your hands behind your head, take in deep breaths and walk around slowly for a bit.

Does magma creates intrusive rock cool down quickly slowly?

Yes, magma intrusions stays inside the earth. and this goes relatives slowly.

What two things can happen to a substance when it loses energy?

It can slow down or cool down

What do you do if you are scared?

Breathe slowly, try to forget the things that you are scared of and calm down.

What are other examples of evaporation to cool things down?

Sweating is a major example of evaporation to cool down. That is why people sweat. When the sweat is evaporated off of the body, it causes the person to cool down some.

What is the best method to cook shrimp and serve cold cool down slowly or ice bath?

ice bath

How do you tone down food that is too spicy?

Natural yoghurt will cool most things down.

Can gelatin cool things down?

Definitely yes, uh huh. Gelatin will cool down anything stuck into it that's warmer than the gelatin is.

In the absences of water what are for itemsthat could cool down a burn?

Butter and aloe vera are two things that can cool a burn down in the absence of water.

Why does water heat up and cool down so slowly?

Because the particles, when they heat up, they vibrate and heat up, and when they stop heating up, well, it takes them a while to stop vibrating, and cool down.

A consists of a period of non-strenuous activity that slowly prepares the body for more vigorous exercise?