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Why do vets not treat wild mice?

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Wild animals can carry diseases, and vets that aren't trained for wild life don't treat them. But, they wouldn't know a wild mouse from a domestic unless you told him...or it's very apparent from their condition. i think vets dont treat wild mice because maybe they bite when a human touches them Usually it runs under the jurisdiction of "Wildlife." If you look it up in the phone book they could give you some help.

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Can you treat mice if they are sick?

Of corse! There are vets that specialize in exotic animals - this includes mice! They can be treated from anything from eye infections, UTI's, respiratory infections, and surgery to remove tumors, etc.

What is the difference between vets and doctors?

Vets treat animals and doctors treat humans. In other words, a vet is like a doctor, only they treat animals. Vets are animal doctors

What is the difference between vets and doctors except that doctors treat humans and vets treat animals?

doctors use different tools than vets. vets use shots like traquilizers.

Are mice rabid?

There are wild mice, but most wild mice aren't rabid....

How do you treat worms in a puppy?

you treat worms in puppies by getting them vacenated at the vets . And every month worm them also at the vets

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Can you put wild mice in the same cages as domestic mice?

No. You cannot put wild mice and domestic mice together. The wild mice would most likely kill the domestic mice. Wild mice can carry diseases and would pass them on to the domestic mice, even if they don't kill each other.

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Can you breed pet mice and wild mice?

Technically, yes, but the wild mice may carry diseases that could make both you and your mouse sick. Also, the wild mice may not get along well with your mice.

Do wild mice eat turkey meat?

Wild mice like bologna.

What are wild mice?

mice that are not owned or that are not tamed.

Do vets take in wild animals?

yes they do.

How do vets treat cats?

same way they treat all other animals, with care..

Do vets need a special degree to treat hedgehogs?


Do vets treat ailing guinea pigs?


How do you treat an abscess in a dog ear?

take it to the vets!

What do wild newborn mice eat?

Crush mice food or mice pellets

What do you do if your guinea pig has red bulges under its eyes?

Your little guinea pig could have an infection or an eye condition and you should take it into the vets right away. Many people don't realize that vets treat many animals from snakes, frogs, mice, rats, rabbits, etc.

Are mice wild?

Not all mice are wild. You can buy domestic mice from a pet shop, they have been bred to be tame. Though most mice are wild, they are the kind that live outside and sometimes in people's houses. Wild mice are pests because they can endanger native animals and invade people's houses. Pet mice are actually really good though.

What do vets do if dogs have rabies?

they let them back in the wild

Are wild rats worse or meaner than wild mice?

Rats are nicer than mice and are bigger, live longer, and are smarter than mice.

Is it safe to house your wild mice with your tame ones?

Umm im no expert on mice but i think you probly shouldn't put wild mice with tame mice... its kinda common sence

Can pet mice attract wild mice?

No, pet mice do not attract wild mice. Though if you have a lot of wild mice around the house keep track of your pet mice; females may go into heat if the smell males and males may become aggitated. Make sure your mouse's cage is closed at all times if mice have invaded your room ;)

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