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it shouldn't be.

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Q: Why do water enter the trunk?
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How do elephant drink water through nose?

The do not drink water through their nose (trunk). They suck water up the trunk and then put their trunk in their mouths and squirt the warer out of the trunk into their mouths to drink.

How does an Elephant drink water?

an elephant fills its trunk with water and then it put its trunk in its mouth and drinks the water.

Are trunk and water common nouns?

Yes they are.

Where does an elephant get its water from?

it sucks it up its trunk, and drinks it or when its hot, they splash it over themselves with their trunk An elephant does not drink the water through its trunk though, they blow the water back out of their trunk and into their mouths. The trunk is actually a combination of upper lip and nose. If an elephant actually sucked the water all of the way into its nose through its trunk, it would have the same reflex that we have when we suck water into our nose.

How elephant drinks water?

It can take some water up into it's trunk, and then uses the trunk to put the water into its mouth,

How do you determine why water is getting into the trunk of a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant?

Most likely it is coming in throgh the trunk seal. On a dry day wash your car and then open the trunk and see if the trunk seal is wet and there is a trail of water entering the trunk

Did the woolly mammoth use its trunk for water?

The Woolly Mammoth used its trunk for picking up food and water.

How mouch dose elephant trunk hold quarts of water?

An elephant's trunk holds about 15 gallons of water.

Why is there water in the trunk of your 1989 Toyota Corolla?

Bad seal around trunk

Why does water leak into trunk of a 2002 Chevrolet Impala?

A bad trunk seal weatherstrip.

How many liters of water can a elephant's trunk hold?

An elephant's trunk can hold up to 8.5 litres(2.2 gallons) of water.

What would cause water in the trunk of 64 impala?

My 72 Impala's trunk will fill with water because the rear window seal leaks My 72 Impala's trunk will fill with water because the rear window seal leaks

You have an elephants head and you squirt water on flowers with your trunk What are you?


How do you fix a leaky trunk in a 2006 Corolla?

My trunk is leaking. If it's raining, water come in when I open the trunk to load groceries or whatever.

Why is water poling in the trunk of your 91 Acura Integra?

my integra was getting a lot of water in the trunk because of the taillights so check those

Water leak in trunk of 1992 Camry?

Have you checked the Gasket that goes around the Trunk opening?

How much water can an elephant carry in it's trunk?

it can carry 10 and a half gallons in its trunk

When you enter a submarine underneath the water does water enter in the submarine?

Yes and no - though water never enters the crew compartment, there are accesses known as escape trunks that are primarily designed for escape use by crews of a sunken submarine. However, they're also used for exit/entry by rescue divers/crew or SEAL teams. Each trunk has an outer and an inner hatch; the space between hatches is used to let water in to flood the trunk and to equalize the pressure to the surrounding sea pressure, in order to allow opening of the outer hatch. The trunk is accessed from the pressure hull (crew compartment) via the inner hatch, and then the inner hatch is sealed. The trunk is then flooded until the pressure is equalized, and then the occupants exit. After the occupants have exited and closed the outer hatch, the trunk is emptied of water using high pressure air. Once it's purged of water, the air pressure inside the trunk is then equalized with the air pressure inside the crew compartment, so the inner hatch can be opened again and the process restarted.

What do elephants use their trunk for?

elephants use their trunks for many things. the main things are to : - reach up into trees and get leaves. - when they are eating or drinking water they get the food/water with their trunk and hold it with their trunk then they scoop it into their mouth.

What causes 2008 dodge avenger trunk to leak water into trunk?

I pulled out all the little rubber plugs on the trunk lid. Problemed solved.

Where do you put water in the car?

The can holder or the trunk.

What is an elephant trunk used for?

Drinking water

How does an elephant use water to cool off?

The elephant "swallows" the water in its trunk and then stretches its trunk over its back and sprays it all over himself.

How does the elephant use their trunks?

elephants use their trunk to spray water over their body to keep cool and to drink water and they sometimes bath with their trunk

How do you take out a battery in a Chrysler 300 touring if its in the trunk?

wrench size 10mm and if your battery died and you cant open the trunk, you have to enter the trunk through the back seat and pull the safety nop to the left. there is a positive anode under the hood on the passengers side the jump will give you enough juice for the trunk button to open the trunk.