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Information technology is one of our times. In present days, there is hardly any field not touched by the impact of IT. The economic development of the country is directly influenced by IT so we need IT for a country to develop.

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Q: Why do we need information technology?
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Is information technology a strategy or need?

information technology is just a need for students and every person. we need information for technology.if we have information then we can make technology. so it is just a need.

A company would like to expand overseas. They need to be able to speak with employees quickly and allow employees to have access to information when they need it. What kind of technology best addresse?

information communication technology

What subjets do you need to study information technology?

you will need math and eclectronic.

What courses do you need to become an information technology person what is information technology and what subjects does it involve and if you graduated with it what do you work?

you need to do a cours in (idcs,iadcs,internet development)

Why do we need to study information and communication technology or ICT?

We need to study information and communication technology, or ICT, because it is the future means of communication and record keeping.

How information technology become famous?

When human find that we do not need to pay salary to computers, the information technology becomes popular.

Words that mean Technology that start with the letter A?

Need a word that starts with the Letter "A" that means Technology or Information Technology?

What education do you need to have to be a furniture tester?

information and communication technology

Is IT internet technology or Information technology?

Information technology

How is the technology affecting the Information Technology world?

Technology is affecting the Information Technology world because Information Technology affects technology because the word, technology is within Information Technology.

Which is best computer science engineering or information technology?

Computer Science Engineering and Information technology are same in all aspects except electronics. The study of electronics is more detailed in Information technology. Hence for computer science engineering you need good maths however for information technology you need both good maths and physics.

How many Information technology programs are there?

Think you need to rephrase your question. One way or another, every program is an Information technology program

Do you need to have strong math skills to get educated or trained in information technology?

Yes i wish to have strong mathematics skills to get education in information technology.

Why we need information technology?

technology is the best way, find it any way eassily, fast and smart.

What is importance of IT industry in Indian Economy?

importance or need of information technology

What does an information technology engineer need for his success in this field?

A splendid education.

What classes do you need to take for information technology?

I.T would be a start.

What technology do you need to explore the Sahara Desert?

This isn't technology, but is tools; you would need protective clothing, lots of water, and information about how to survive.

What is information technology on information communication technology?


What is information and technology traning?

Information and technology training is studying courses related to information technology.

Disadvantages of information technology?

Disadvantages of information technology?

Introduction to information technology?

Information technology is nothing but is it

What qualifications do you need to work at pilkington?

They hire engineering and Information Technology graduates.

Why information technology has become an essential part of our lives?

pls answer it!!i need it!!asap!!

How does modern technology affect your economy nowadays in the Philippines?

Information corncening technology in our morden economy Information corncening technology in our morden economy Information corncening technology in our morden economy Information corncening technology in our morden economy Information corncening technology in our morden economy Information corncening technology in our morden economy Information corncening technology in our morden economy