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Why do wombats like their habitat?



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Wombats are herbivorous and live in burrows. They are the largest herbivorous burrowing animals in the world. They have a stout body, blunt head and broad paws with strong claws making it a powerful earth-mover, burrowing up to 2 metres a night. A typical burrow is about 50 cm high and 50 cm wide and can be up to 30 metres long with several chambers including nursery burrows. Burrows provide wombats with protection from predators, weather and bushfires. A predator following a wombat into its burrow can be crushed against the roof by the wombat's powerful rump, however, a wombat will abandon the burrow if a snake moves in. When wombats are resting in a burrow, their metabolism slows to two-thirds of normal to conserve water and energy.