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Why do you always throw up after eating too much printer paper?

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Didn't your kindergarten teacher ever tell you not to eat paper?

2006-07-15 04:56:01
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How long will it take a cat to throw up after eating grass?

How long it takes a cat to throw up after eating grass can vary quite a bit, depending on things such as how much grass the cat ate and what else was in its stomach. In general, a cat will throw up anywhere from almost immediately to 5 or 10 minutes after eating grass, though that don't always throw up at all.

How long do you have to wait after eating to throw up?

It is not normal to throw up after eating, and one should definitely not want to throw up purposively after eating. The nutrition in food usually needs at least 12-24 hours to be fully digested. If you want to intentionally throw up after eating, you likely have an eating disorder or a digestive disorder.

Do you throw a printer away?

No, you use it to print sh*t.

How do you get the paper tantrum revenge in office jerk?

Throw the paper ball at him a few times and then eventually he will get red and throw it at him again and he will catch it and throw it back to you.

What can you throw away that is not paper?

You can throw anything away if you wish to.

What if your printer still says to replace toner cartridge after refilling it?

Throw it out

What do you eat to throw up?

Eating to throw up is very dangerous. It is a sign of the harmful and potentially deadly eating disorder known as bulimia.

How does a paper arplane fly?

you throw it

What are eating the disorders anorexia and bulimia?

when u throw up after eating to much

Where i throw the chewing gum after use?

wrap it in paper and throw it away in the trash can

Why is paper pollution bad?

Paper is often bleached, and when you throw out paper, it's like you're throwing bleach into the earth. Bleach is poisonous, especially at the rate at which we just "throw out" paper instead of recycle it. It adds up.

How can you save paper in your school?

Throw paper into a recycle bin so that the paper will be recycled into new paper. This will save trees.

What material do you throw away the most?


How do you dispose of litmus paper?

Throw them in the bin.

Feel sick after eating should you throw up?


You throw up after eating?

you are bulimic. you need help.

What is too skinny?

too skinny is when you are not eating enough. or if you throw up after eating. you have to be a healthy eater.

How far can a paper airplane go when thrown?

It depends on how you throw your paper airplane. Also how you make to paper airplane.

Can Pennysaver continue to throw their paper on my lawn once I've requested they stop delivery?

no, they cannot continue to throw paper on your lawn IF you request they stop delivery

Why would a dog not eat and throw up a lot?

It might not be eating and throw up because of hunger

Why do you throw up after eating and when I don't have an eating disorder?

If you are making yourself throw up, then you probably do have an eating disorder (eating disorder does not necessarily mean starving yourself), if it is coming up on its own something else might be wrong and you should go see your doctor.

How did paper airplanes get started?

Either you throw them or drop them.

What happens when you throw paper away?

It gets dumped in a landfill like everything else you throw away.

Why a crumpled paper can throw further than a flat piece of paper?

Less air resistance.

Is it normal with morning sickness to throw up after eating?