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Why do you attract guys who are unavailable?

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January 20, 2010 9:15AM

  • That's sure saying a lot about yourself and in fact, you must have a very low opinion of yourself. Some women (any age) may not want to commit to a steady relationship, but they can still attract and date single guys. Most young guys don't want to commit either. Most people don't have respect for a woman that will go after someone else's boyfriend or husband and you may not care, but you will one day. Character in a person is everything and it attracts good people in your life, but if you have a reputation for hitting on unavailable men then you're going to be one lonely woman! Some men may be happy with you being attracted to them if they aren't available and even have an affair with you, he sure won't have respect for you and the head of the snake is going to turn around and bite you on the butt. Whether we like it or not all good women have a silent code and it's never hit on someone's boyfriend or husband. You should know that by now.
  • I agree it does say a lot about yourself but not necessarily that you have a low opinion of yourself. It may be that you are still carrying around pain from childhood that hasn't been properly dealt with. Having fears about commitment and misinformation about what the word LOVE entails can affect the most confident, successful, goodhearted people that you know. It is not selective of "good people" or "bad people" If you are attracting unavailable guys, it's because you are unavailable. No matter where you point the finger, like energy attracts like. The laws of the universe apply to everyone. Look deeply and be hardcore honest with yourself, your answer is there.