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Blanching is the scalding of vegetables in boiling water or steam. Blanching slows or stops the action of enzymes. Up until harvest time, enzymes cause vegetables to grow and mature. If vegetables are not blanched, or blanching is not long enough, the enzymes continue to be active during frozen storage causing off-colours, off-flavours and toughening. Blanching time is crucial and varies with the vegetable and size of the pieces to be frozen. Under-blanching speeds up the activity of enzymes and is worse than no blanching. Over-blanching causes loss of flavour, colour, vitamins and minerals.

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Q: Why do you blanch food before freezing it?
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How long do you blanch broccoli before freezing?

Blanch broccoli for 3 minutes (or blanch with steam for 5 minutes) before freezing. Freeze in small amounts is better that freezing in a big lump.

Do you have to blanch squash before freezing?


What foods can be frozen?

Just about every food can be frozen. Freezing foods is one great way to store foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits are not easy to freeze. You must blanch these foods first before freezing.

How do you prepare asparagus for freezing?

You blanch it then vac-pack it.

Can you freeze the grape leaves from your vine?

yes, blanch them first in boiling water for a few seconds before freezing

Do you have to cut up the zucchini before freezing?

Yes. It's also best to blanch it in hot water first too.

What the word for when you add food to a saucepan containing water heated to 212F?

To boil or to blanch before refreshing

Do you have to cook canned food before freezing it?


Why is freezing food before deep frying necessary?

its not

Will green beans hurt you if they wasn't blanch before freezing them?

No, they won't hurt you. In fact, some people freeze green beans without blanching them first.

Can you blanch vegetables in your food steamer?

Yes you can

Do you have to blanch corn before freezing?

Corn does not need to be blanched before freezing. The excess liquid in it will cause the corn to expan upon freezing and then wrinkle more when defrosted. The caveat to all of this is that you do need to cook the corn thoroughly at a high enough temperature to kill any bacteria no matter which path you choose to take.

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