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Why do you bring bread salt and wine to a new home?


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It's an old tradition with roots in Russia, Judaism, Christianity, and many Eastern European cultures. Many people probably know it from Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life", when George and Mary Bailey welcome the Martinis into their new home. Mary: Bread... that this house may never know hunger. [Mary hands a loaf of bread to Mrs. Martini] Mary: Salt... that life may always have flavor. [Mary hands a box of salt to Mrs. Martini] George Bailey: And wine... that joy and prosperity may reign forever. Enter the Martini Castle. [George hands Mr. Martini a bottle of wine]

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to bring them good luck, and to ward off evil spirits

What does it mean to bring Bread and Wine to a new homeowner?

There's a few variations. Many know the "Bread, so this house may never know hunger; salt, so that life may always have flavor and wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever" from It's a Wonderful Life, but it likely didn't originate with the film. I've also heard money, so that you may never be poor used or possibly substituted for wine, particularly if the new home owners do not drink.

The first item you should bring into your home is a loaf of bread. It symbolizes that there will always be food on the table. Bring salt so that your life may always have flavor. Bring a bottle of wine, which means that joy and prosperity may reign forever.

Traditionally, one gives bread, wine, and salt to someone who has a new home. However, this tradition has nearly died out.

check this out: "Question What is the custom of bringing salt and bread to a new home about? Can you explain it and is there a 3rd item that is suppose to be brought? Answer The idea is to make a small party as means to get to know the new neighbors. The bread (and salt) is the main items in a meal - (source: "Code of Jewish Law" O.C. 177:1; 167:5). We also bring wine to a new home. Being that this party is usually done on Shabbat, we need the wine for Kiddush. Moreover, it was the way Malki Tzedek greeted Abraham - (source: Genesis 14:18; "Zohar" Leviticus 3b; "Ta'amei Minhagim" 456; "Torah Lishmo" by Ben Ish Chai, 484)."

Depending on the people and their tastes any of the following: - a good bottle of wine (wine accessories are a nice added touch) - a living plant -a house plant is nice, but if the new home is a house, and the time is right, something for the garden is great. - a loaf of fresh bread (not sliced) and a bag of salt are a traditional gift wishing the house and the new owners prosperity (salt) and creature comfort (bread). You may try a nice vase or a decorative glass dish that will fit their interior. Something that will stay in their home for a longer period of time and be useful.

it is when the bread and wine is changed into the body and blood of Christ.

It is Jesus. The bread is His flesh, and the wine is His blood.

Yes the bread and wine is blessed by the vicar.

Jesus gave the bread first and then the wine.

Bread is- au pain Wine is- le vin

The bread represents his bones and the wine represents his blood.

Yes there was bread and wine in the New Testament. In Luke 22:-17-19 Jesus said the wine is my blood and the bread was his body. ;~)

If It's a Wonderful Life is to be believed "Bread - that this house may never know hunger. Salt - that life may always have flavour. Wine - that joy and prosperity may reign forever." There are also Traditional dishes such as Irish Scallops with culcanan Potato on a bed of freshly cut bacon and black pudding. I know my family also brings a penny for fortune and luck.

Producing both bread and wine requires yeast and fermentation.

wine is represents the blood of Jesus, the bread is his body and it represents Jesus.

The bread and wine of the Eucharist symbolises the body and Blood of Jesus.

the offertory. this is when the congregation bring up the bread and wine. REMEMBER IT IS NOT JESUS' BODY AND BLOOD TILL AFTER THE OFFERTORY

A bottle of champagne or other wine is generally a good choice.

The Bread represents the body and The Spirit of Christ. The Wine represents the blood of Christ. the representation came from the last supper when Jesus said to his disphiles "Take this all of you and eat it. it is the bread of my body." He picked up the bottle of wine. " Take this all of you and drink it. it is my blood. drink it so you shall be with me forever and ever." So Christians take the bread and the wine to bring them closer to Jesus, gods only son.

how much wine can you bring into Italy from France

Bread symbolises the Body of Jesus. Wine Symbolises the Blood of Jesus.

Bread is equal to Jesus's body Wine is equal to Jesus's blood

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