Why do you consider drug addiction the most serious problem among teenagers?

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I think it is really sad to see people so young ruin their lives because they are addicted to a substance. But, really, drug addiction is only the result of a bigger problem, people go to drugs because they are trying to escape something else.
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What is the most addictive drug?

The most potent and addictive drug known to man is nicotine.Alcohol is widely abused; however, most people are able to usealcohol socially or have a drink with meals and not becomeaddicted. Other very addictive drugs are: Crystal Meth. It has one of the worst effects of all the drugs! Alcohol Heroi ( Full Answer )

Why is treason considered the most serious crime?

because treason against non-monarchy is against the state ,which usually means someone has tried to take away freedoms ,rob money from the entire country. treason against monarchy is bad because it means somebody has tried to overthrow or assassinate the monarchy(personally i don't see why that's ( Full Answer )

What is your point of view about teenage drug addiction?

Answer . for me my point of view about this question...hmmmmmMMm...is avoid using any kind of drug because it cannot be help you and it cant be affect your health.. Answer . for me my point of view about this question...hmmmmmMMm...is avoid using any kind of drug because it cannot be help you ( Full Answer )

Is heroin the most addicting drug?

While everyone is different and there is some debate on the subject many studies cite nicotine as the most addictive.

Is the most addicting drug heroin?

\nHeroin is a very addicting drug, but to determine if it is the MOST addicting drug would be very difficult. Different drugs are more mentally addicting than others to different people. This is why some people can smoke a cigarette every once in a while, and others need one every 10 minutes.\n. ( Full Answer )

What are the common problems among teenagers?

Adjusting to growing up, finding a sense of self, and choosing a career path, and well as bullying, conflict with other teens, and romantic difficulties, among others.

Why do teenagers get addicted to drugs?

Boredom more often than not, teenagers experimenting with drugs find themselves getting addicted, Teens who hang around with groups of other teens can find themselves being introduced to drugs and invited to just try them!

What are the most addictive drugs?

The most addictive drugs are inhaled drugs such as tobacco (nicotine) and crack cocaine, as well as injected drugs such as heroin. Powerful stimulants, such as methamphetamine, are also highly addictive.

Give 3 reasons for drug abuse among teenager?

Peer Pressure (excuse that "everyone else is doing the same thing.") . Impress those friends that are taking the same drugs (i.e., makes you "look cool.") . Drugs quickly become addicting.

Why is meth the most addictive drug?

Inside your brain you have receptors that release the natural feel good chemicals into your body. meth works on the norepinepherine receptor, dopamine receptor, seratonin receptor, and releases adrenaline all giving you an all in one kick in the face of feel good chemicals.

What is the top 5 most addictive drugs?

Not a specific order, some would say: Opioids (morphine/heroin) Cocaine Nicotine Alcohol Methamphetamine Caffeine might be on the list since is the most consumed addictive drug in the world (but addiction is not that severe for caffeine). Also addictive would be sedatives such as benzo ( Full Answer )

Is heroin the most addictive drug?

I believe so in a sense. It takes a shorter amount of time for you to be addicted than any other drug. You can start craving after a few times in one week or two. No other drug is like this. It's bad news. All drugs are bad in different ways wether it be physical or psychological

Do most teenagers do drugs?

Most have tried, yes. So, a yes to your question. But the ones who have never tried them in the first place tend to be extremely successful people.

Problems faced by most teenagers?

Low self esteem not being able to talk to their parents about the opposite sex, and always trying to fit in. They face relationship problems with friends such as peer pressure such as drugs and alcohol. Getting teased for how they dress and their identity trying to find theirselves. They also face p ( Full Answer )

Most serious problem in Sudan?

Poverty, government corruption, poor educational standards, poor infrastructure, lack or mineral and trading resources (besides oil which is only found in one part of the country), harsh climate - take your pick

What are some effects of drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers?

Yes drug/alcohol abuse can cause health problems depending on the substance & frequency of use. But the most common negative effect of drugs on teens tends not to be from a direct effect of the drug but society. Most look down apon drug use and alcohol abuse from teens and this can damage relationsh ( Full Answer )

Do most teenager use drugs?

Yes most teenagers use/ do drugs to feel good, "relaxed", peer and family pressure, to feel cool, ads can make you feel like "this MIGHT taste real good i might even get that hot/cute guy/girl to go out with me if i did drugs." or "i feel left out i don't want to be a loser who doesn't join in on th ( Full Answer )

Why does drugs is one of a teenager problem?

many teenagers do drugs because: they are stressed, are having issues with family members,are not getting enough attention,or they do it just for the fun of it. the first time you do drugs could be your last and by this i mean you could die or have heart problems, have a stroke, or be paralyzed. dru ( Full Answer )

What are the possible solutions in teenage drug addiction?

Intervention. If you are a friend you need to tell an adult. I don't care if it is your parents, teachers, counselor in school, even your friends' parents. You need to tell someone. Yah your friend may hate you later. But you know what do you want that friend dead and go to a funeral instead? ( Full Answer )

Why is drug addiction considered a physiological condition?

it is because once a neuron or synapse has been altered by a drug, it cannot function normally unless the drug is present, so with repeated exposure to a drug a person addicted to the drug develops tolerance to the drug.

What drug are considered addictive?

cocaine, crack, heroin ,ecstasy, alcohol. There are others, but these are def. at the top for addictive drugs

The most difficult drug addiction to overcome is that of?

By far the most difficult drug, or class of drug, to overcome are the Benzo's. Shorter lasting ones are the worst, yet even those with longer half-lives can take several months to years to recover from.

What is most serious drug problem in the US?

The person who posed this question was probably meaning illegal drugs, but the most serious is and has always been ALCOHOL. About three in every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some time in their lives. On average someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes. In ( Full Answer )

Can a ex drug addicted teenager still get pregnant?

Many drugs will severely mess up a persons reproductive system. Aside from the fact that it may be possible to get pregnant, a child can have defects from drug abuse even if their parents haven't used in years. Talk to your local physician. Tell them your situation and ask about the possible implica ( Full Answer )

Do you need to be an addict to have problems with alcohol or drugs?

No, you don't. Speaking from personal experience, I have had problems with alcohol and drugs without being sure if I was addicted or not. I found it very helpful to seek professional counselling. If you speak to your doctor they can refer you. If you are concerned about your drug or alcohol use, ( Full Answer )

What problems face teenagers who are abusing drugs?

Depends on what kind of drug they are abusing but it could lead to heart problems, liver damage, brain damage, psychosis, cancer (cigarettes at least). Drug abuse could also lead to prison, depression, apathy towards family and friends, loss of family of friends. Drug abuse could lead to a number of ( Full Answer )

Who are the people most affected by drug addiction?

The family trying to care for the addicted individual. The children shot by gang-bangers and drug dealers. The family that has to bury their child. The battered wife trying to control paralyzing fear. the police who have to risk their lives protecting the addicts from themselves. the tax p ( Full Answer )

Why is drug trafficking a serious problem?

There are several reasons that drug trafficking is a serious problem. First, the inherent violence that is brings. Drug trafficking is a dangerous profession. It is illegal and attracts dangerous people. Drug trafficking is the root cause of a lot of murder. Gangs and cartels use the violence to ( Full Answer )

Is drug addiction considered a mental illness?

Yes, because drug addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways. Drug Addiction is defined by the DSM4 manual (any condition, if itdoes exist, is in this manual) as a "brain disorder". Therefore,drug addiction is an illness and it is very real and treatable.

What is the drug addicts percentage in India among youth?

In India, 70-73% of drug addicts are youth (16 to 35 years of age). There are currently approximately 3 million drug addicts in India, therefore the number of youth who regularly use drugs is just over 2 million.

Why most teenager use drugs?

as a teenager i can tell you the number one cause of using is pure curiosity. achieving the high off marijuana, heroin, or even higher-level harmful drugs starts with curiosity. yes peer pressure is also a factor and if the drug has a high potential for abuse, like lets say heroin, then addiction. I ( Full Answer )

What are some causes of drug addictions to young teenagers?

well basically these days in the 20th century. us teenagers get into smkoing drugs or taking it by our friends or family members. friends we will be doing it and telling u to do it. they will force u till crack and eventually take the drugs they are doing. family you will see them doing it when u ar ( Full Answer )

Why is drug addiction considered a deviant behavior?

a full blown addiction will make people do things they normally wouldn't do to get drugs they will even begin ruining there bodys while there tolerance grows and the amount they use also grows and the frequancy of the use grows to society, crime is detremental its not like a society to condone ( Full Answer )

How is AIDS often transmitted among drug addicts?

First of all it is not AIDS that is transmitted it is the HIV virus, which can eventually lead to AIDS. The two leading causes for HIV transmission in drug users are sharing of needles used to inject IV drugs, which contain blood from an infected individual. The second is unprotected sex of course, ( Full Answer )

What two drugs are most likely to be addictive?

Alcohol and Opiates . Due to the fact that our body's goes through physical as well as mental withdraw. Alcohol when an individual reduces or stops alcohol consumption after long periods of alcohol use. Prolonged and excessive use of alcohol leads to tolerance and physical dependence. The withd ( Full Answer )

What is the most serious advanced drug reaction?

The most serious of all advanced drug reactions is death. Other serious reactions can include swelling of the throat or face, difficulty breathing, rapid or reduced heart rate, and coma.

What is the most effective treatment for drug addiction?

The most effective treatment will depend on the type of drug and the person involved. 12 step programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous, work for large numbers of people. There are also pharmaceutical treatments for some types of addiction. A health care professional would be able to suggest the most ( Full Answer )

Why drug addiction consider to behavior?

Drug addiction compels the addict to engage in a specific type of behavior, which is to consume the drug to which he or she is addicted. Nicotine addicts smoke cigarettes. Smoking is a type of behavior. We could describe addiction as a medical condition, which leads to a type of behavior. The behavi ( Full Answer )