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Cooling down, also called warming down, is the term used to describe an easy exercise that will allow the body to gradually transition from an exertion state to a resting or near-resting state. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, cooling down can involve a slow jog or walk, or with lower intensities, stretching can be used. Cooling down helps remove lactic acid which can cause cramps and stiffness and allows the heart rate to return to its resting rate. Contrary to popular belief, cool down does not appear to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness.


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Why do people cool down after exercising?

because your sweaty so you want to get cooled off.

What is a good cool down after exercising?

A nice 10 minute walk around the block.

Why is water the first thing you lose when exercising?

it's your body trying to cool it's self down

After exercising after how much time should you take a bath?

You should wait for a few minutes to cool down.

Why do you get sore?

if you get sore after exercising then it would probably be because you didnt warm up or cool down properly

Do you lose more water from lungs when exercising?

Yes because your body sweats in order to cool you down

When exercising does wiping off sweat help cool the body?

NO, Sweat evaporates off the skin helping to cool you down, wiping it off will make you hotter.

What are three things your body does to help you cool down when exercising?

Sweating, panting, and increasing the blood flow underneath the skin.

How does the skin keep the body cool?

The skin keep the body cool by sweating. When the body gets too hot as you may know by exercising you begin to perspire. This is how the body cools itself down.

Should you have windows open in winter while exercising?

Yes, always - even if it is snowing outside. The wintery air will cool you down and reduce sweat.

Why not to wear jeans when exercising?

When you are exercising, you want clothes that can "breath". Jeans will not keep your body cool while exercising. Also you move around a lot, and Jeans are very stiff.

Purpose of cool down after activity?

Lactic acid builds up in your muscles when exercising and is being burned off at the same rate. When cooling down lactic acid is still being burned but being produced as a lower rate. If you don't cool down the acid wont break down and will cause your muscles to cramp. I might have left something out, I'm about 90% sure on this answer

How do you get hurt by exercises?

Not adequately warming up can result in sores or pulled muscles. And, you should know your limits when exercising. Always cool down at the end along with warming up at the beginning.

How regular exercise effect on the joints?

Regular exercise if carried out sensibly can have a positive effect on the joints as it can help to strengthen them. It is important to warm up and cool down before exercising to prevent injury.

What is mechanisms to cool the body down?

sweat is a mechanism to cool the body down. the body creates sweat, so it can cool itself down.

Why does sweat cool you down?

because when it is a hot day,you sweat for you to cool down.sweat cool you down is because it is also water.

How do amphibians cool down?

Amphibians cool down by diving into wetlands with little light.

Can kids with Down syndrome be cool?

Sure they can! Kids with Down syndrome can certainly be cool.

What would be a cool down activity?

A cool down activity could be gentle stretches.

Can mint really cool water down?

No. Mint does not cool down water. It only creates the senation of something being cool.

If the volume goes up does the temperature of a gas go up?

If the volume of a gas is increased, it will usually cool down.If the volume of a gas is increased, it will usually cool down.If the volume of a gas is increased, it will usually cool down.If the volume of a gas is increased, it will usually cool down.

How do you use cool down exercises in a sentence?

i'm ready for some cool down exercises!

Should you rest while exercising?

You should slow down and unwind after exercising before total rest. Do some stretches or slow down heart rate by slowing down on the exersise. Don't just stop all at once and rest completely.

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