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This can be caused by a yeast infection or a STD.

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Q: Why do you get internal bumps around the vaginal area?
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Why do you get bumps on your vaginal area?

It might be infected.

What causes puss bumps in the vaginal area?


What If U Have Bumps On What if your Vagina area?

If you have bumps around your vaginal area going to a doctor would be the best things to do. It could be one of a few things, non of which would be pleasant.

Signs of vaginal irritation?

i just have redness around the outside of vaginal area

What is a vaginal area?

It is the area around the female reproductive system. used to have sex :P

What are pimple like bumps in the crease of leg by the vaginal area that won't pop?

I have the same thing going on in the crease of my leg. Anyone know what it is

What is causing severe itching in my dog's vaginal area?

A dog with severe itching in the vaginal area may be suffering from some type of infection, in which case she needs antibiotics. The dog may also have tapeworms that may be affecting the area around the anus and vaginal area, or the dog may have fleas that are hiding in the folds of the vaginal area.

Itchy bump on your vaginal area?

Ughhh i Had a whole bunch of this wierd bumps when i first started my premenstrual cycle but then they stopped, so I'm guessing it is normal.

Your 14 year old son has bumps and tenderness around nipple area. Is this normal?

Were all have 'bumps' in the dark area around the nipple. As to the tenderness, he may be responding to new surges in hormones now.

Tiny red itchy bumps around anal area?

Hemorrhoids-very common.

Can you get hair bumps on your vagina?

YES YOU CAN GET HAIRBUMPS ON YOUR VAGINA. HAIRBUMPS COME ANYWHERE HAIR GROWS. yes you can, the best thing to resolve that is to shave your pubic hair in the same direction it grows in. also there are shaving lotions (for vaginal areas) provided in several stores that can prevent these bumps or for those with sensitve skin. The vagina is the part the penis enters, the internal part, so having hair bumps there would be quite disturbing. You can get hair bumps on the outside area, the vulva. ok, who really wants to know about your hair bumps! keep it personal giirl

Is it safe to use vasiline around the vaginal area?

yes, its great if you are red or irriated there.

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