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Sometimes that could mean that your constipated. If your eating too much rice and carbs you can get constipated. Constipation can feel like cramps sometimes.

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you can get period pains before your period starts answer yeah I know that I posted this question I got period pains but no blood. When I usually get period pains I come on straight away it been a week now since that has happened. It came as a shock I thought I was really coming on. My period pains are really painful as well and the pains were just like them but I didn't get my period. I couldn't move I couldn't cry cause I was in pain.

No, not every women has pains during their period,but most do.

Contractions feel like period pains on a whole new level. Imagine your worst period pain ever times at least 5. That's what labor pains feel like.

You go through period pains because the hormones in your body are going mad .. they want to get fertilised.

this may be because you are going to get your period soon =]

Hi I'm in the same situation kind of I'm having pains which are similar to period pains and I got them one night and I remembered it not the only time I got these weird usual pains just kinda like period pains a week before on and off they were. I know that girls can still get pregnant even still being on a pill I'm not on the pill. The other day though I did get pains like period pains which was a week ago and I really thought I was coming on which I didn't. It bit strange in a way cause this has never happened before usually i get pains then start my period. Some girl said it was cramps before getting period but that wasn't what I was asking I wrote as a question period pains but no period and 1 of them put cramps and the other said you get them before you start. I know all that still I haven't got my period and I had period pains.

ITs coming soon! Have supplies on hand!

no. Your period shouldnt do that.

Nurofen contains ibuprofen. Nurofen Plus also contains Codeine and is suitable for period pains.

Yes, it can. I have stomach pains from my period. I think it gets worse after heavy blood. life sucks

No, but you could get "cramps" if you've already gotten your period

Is it normal for a female to have lower back pains when they are on there menstural cycle?

sometimes you may experience breast sorness, vaginal pains, stomach pains, lower back pains and few others.

totally normal don't worry if you have never had your period before then well you may be!

these are just period pains so dn't worry just take some paracetamol to ease the pain. the pain will go once you have finished your period.

A little under your stomach by your bellybutton

Tender breasts and sharp pains are part of pre-menstrual syndrome. It can happen before and during your period.

Most women on their first trimester tend to have pains that resemble period pains that is bound to be normal but it needs to be monitored by your gynaecologists. If it goes beyond 6-7weeks though, the doctor should be looking out for you often to make sure the pregnancy is healthy.

You are not pregnant. The pains could be caused by something you ate, etc.

Yes, ovulation causes pain to some women and is like mild period pains. It is usually only on one side though (since only one ovary ovulates at a time).

It's obviously not your period then see a doctor.

It could be because you are ovulating. Mostly the symptoms of it are the same as those of period pains.

The white jelly discharge is just your body cleaning itself and the period pains is just the flow moving through your body

cramps, extreme fatague, stomache pains, or pains anywhere in your body that dont go away

masturbation helps relieve period pain but only while you are on your periods

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