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Those who have reactions to hummus means that they are allergic to the ingredients in the hummus.

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Q: Why do you have a reactions to gluten free hummus?
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Where can you find gluten free hummus?

Almost all hummus is gluten free. You should always read the ingredients to make sure there are no gluten additives, but fresh hummus contains chickpeas, tahini (which is a paste made from sesame seed), garlic, onions, and spices.

Is hummus gluten free?

Well, hummus is gluten free depending on how you make it. My dad takes chickpeas and boils them for two hours at a low temperature. He then lets them sit in the water for another two hours, therefore absorbing lots of water. Then, he blends the peas up with onion, garlic, and lemon juice in a food processor. However, some people will add flour to hummus to make it more substantial. I hope this answers your question.

Is hummus healthy?

Hummus is extremely good for health. Much protein No cholesterol High fiber count Gluten free And, last but not least, decently priced in the stores. No wonder this food is becoming popular in the food markets

Are pastas gluten free?

No pastas are not gluten free but you can get gluten free pasta.

Is sangria gluten free?

Sangria is as gluten free as gluten is free of Sangra

What is gluten free-?

Gluten free refers to food that does not contain gluten.

What is the french phrase for gluten free?

gluten free is spelled "sans gluten".

Does hummus contain gluten?

Yes it does, unless you make it homemade and know what you put in it but otherwise the store brands contain gluten. I discovered this the hard way..

Is veramyst gluten free?

is veramyt gluten free

Is guiness gluten free?

is Guinness gluten free

Is soy gluten free?

Soy is gluten free

Is splenda gluten free?

Splenda is not gluten free.

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