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Why do you have national monuments?


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to honour ones that faught in the war


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National monuments are our friends.

The national monuments were built in Washington DC. .

National Monuments Council was created in 1925.

The only US National Monuments are in the USA. Other nations have their National Monuments in their countries.It'd be a bit strange to have a national monument in another country.

Yes Brazil has national parks or monuments...

National monuments are usually a mark of respect and a recognition of a countries cultural heritage

National Monuments Record of Scotland was created in 1966.

The national parks and the national monuments are administered and controlled by the Department of the Interior, U.S. government.

The purpose of national monuments is the protection of archeological scientific treasures! By: Danielle S.

There are no national monuments in Vermont. Vermont has one National Historic Park, the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park.

National Monuments Record - England - was created in 1940.

Musée national des Monuments Français was created in 1882.

No, cable cars are not national monuments. For something to be considered a national monument, it needs to be a federally protected area, similar to a national park.

The national monuments are under the Park service and are protected by rangers at each site.

Carol Hardy Vincent has written: 'National monuments' -- subject(s): National monuments 'Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument' -- subject(s): Government policy, Historic sites, National monuments

Guyana is a sovereign state located in South America. A few national monuments in Guyana are Fort Zeelandia, Court of Policy, Fort Kyk-Over-Al, and Fort Nassau.

In the United States, the US federal government owns national monuments and operated by National Park Service, a division of the US Dept. of the Interior.

There are many national monuments. You need to be more specific. Most national monuments can be generally agreed upon as good. Those that are not are decommissioned.

National landmarks and monuments show the best of a society and celebrates the people who helped create that society. The monuments honor the builders, the men/women who fought in wars, and heros.

In Georgia there are no national PARKS. The national monuments include Fort Frederica, Fort Pulaski, and Ocmulgee -- all preserving historic areas. There are also national historic sites and national battlefields.

The US National Parks are run by the National Park Service. US National Monuments, however, are run by either the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, or the Bureau of Land Management.

there are actually 5 national monuments 1. Devils tower national monument. 2. Navajo national monument. 3. Statue of Liberty national monument. 4. Fort Mantanzas national monument. 5.Frank ("Boss") Pinkley, Supt. of the Southwestern Monuments. but there are alo many other monuments too

There are 109 National Monuments in the United States. The most recent National Monument was designated by President Obama this year and is the Organ Mountains in New Mexico.

The National Park Service is in charge of the National Parks and many of the monuments, as well as many other historical properties. The National Park Service was established on August 25, 1916.

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