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same problemI have this same problem on my infiniti j30.. will be working on it this week so ill get back to you.

(my stereo is not stock)

The Bose system works with amps outside the radio/receiver itself. There are amps on each speaker in the car. I bought three different new radios off Ebay. They were all garbage in the end...(used too).

What I did?

I bought a Kenwood double DIN player. Here's a link:

I bought the 501. It was a great move. It gets rid of the tape. It has RCA hookups for a woofer, plays MP3's and accepts a 8 gig USB card for music, (generally a little iPod). Sound quality is great. The Kenwood is really nice, but really any stereo will work. Have it be around 50-55 watts per channel. Don't go less than that.

Here's the technical part:

You can still use the Bose speakers, but you need to disconnect and bypass the speaker preamp. Remove the amps. You can sell them on Ebay. Don't cut any wires. Run new wires from the stereo area. Awl a hole thru the boot that houses wires feeding the door's electrical wires. Use a decent gage wire with good insulation covering. Run the speaker cable thru there. You will have to remove the door leather panel liner to get the new wire down to the speaker area. For the rear speakers: run them under the running boards on the driver side to the back. Label the wires to which speaker they will hook up to. You will want to crimp new clamps onto the speaker wires...ones that match the tabs on the speaker.

Use the J30 guide, the one in the trunk, to figure out the electrical diagram wires. Check using a voltmeter to find the hot wires, ground wires and accessory wires. You will not use any of the original speaker wires. An adapter for the antenna will be needed. I bought one on Ebay that was real crap. Goto an audio store. They should have one in stock. (Nissan uses two car antennas. The adapter will combine them into the standard universal plug).

Now you have created a much lower maintenance audio system without losing any sound quality.

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Q: Why do you have power to the radio-cd player but it still does not work in a Infiniti J30 and how do you fix it?
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