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A republic gives more power to the people. Instead of having a despot or monarch, in a republic, representative elected by the people represent them as a whole.

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What are two forms of republics?

Their are Constitutional Republics (The US is one) and Monarchy Republics (The UK is one).

How many republics former USSR had?

it had 15 principal republics.

What countries make up the transcaucasian republics and the Central Asian republics?

Central Asian Republics: Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan the transcuacasian republics: Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia

What is the largest of the Soviet Socialist Republics?

Russia was by far the largest of the republics.

What are the three European Republics?

Three European Republics:ByelorussiaMoldaviaand Ukraine

What is the difference between the republic state and democratic state?

The term "republic" is rather general, and is used to indicate a state in which the public can elect or nominate a ruler instead of having the state be ruled by a monarch. Currently, 135 countries claim to be republics. There are many different types of republics, though. For example, there are socialist republics, communist republics, mercantile republics, Calvinist republics, democratic republics, liberal republics, and even Islamic republics. The United States operates as a democratic republic, which is a state that has publicly-elected rulers, and in which all members of the public are guaranteed the same rights, even despite minority status.

What republics does central Asia consist?

These republics are: Turkmenistan, Tjikistan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Kazachstan.

What type of government does most of Latin America have?

Most of them are republics. Some are federal republics, some are centralized republics; there is one communist regime in Latin America (Cuba).

What are the three Islamic Republics?

There are actually four Islamic Republics of ; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Mauritania!

How many republics were in the former Soviet Union?

the Soviet Union consisted of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics

What did Russia and its neighboring republics become known as after they became communist?

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.)

What are the 5 republics of Turkestan?

The republics of Turkestan include the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Altai Republic, and the Chuvash Republic. The Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and the Sakha Republic are also the republics of Turkestan.

What does all republics have?


All republics have a?


What are the republics of Russia?


Which nations comprise the transcaucasian republics?

the transcaucasian republics were made up of these three nations: armenia,azerbaijan,and georgia

What are the 3 Russian republics and their capital cities?

Actually the Russian republics are 21 and you can check Wikipedia for their names and capitals.

Of the fifteen Soviet republics eventually declared their independence.?

Of the fifteen Soviet republics eventually declared their independence

Why is the 3 baltic republics called the 3 baltic republics?

The three Baltic republics are called the Baltic states, Baltics, Baltic nations, or Baltic countries. The countries include Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Of what republics does Transcaucasia consist?

"Transcaucasia" is a geographical area south of the Caucasus Mountains, north of Turkey and between the Black and Caspian Seas. The area contains the Republics of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. When the Soviet Union was first formed, these 3 republics were unified in what was then called the Transcaucasian Federation. They are now separate republics.

How many republics in the Russian federation?

The Russian Federation consists of 83 subjects, 21 of which are republics. The republics are occupied 28,6% of Russian territory, and the population of the republics is 16.9% . Republic, in contrast to the regions and districts are nation-States formation, that is a form of state of a nation (people) as part of (numbering in) Russia. Unlike the other subjects of the Federation, the Republics adopt their own constitution and have the right to establish their own state languages​​.

How many republics make up Europe?

Not all countries in Europe are republics. There are various form of government. Such as constitutional monarchies.

Soviet Socialist Republics established?

Under communism and Lenin in 1917, under the title Soviet Socialistic Republics in 1922.

Why do you suppose that President Monroe wanted to protect these baby republics?

Why do you suppose that President Monroe wanted to protect these "baby republics?"

In 1922 under leadership of Lenin Russia was divided into how any republics and became known as sovlet union?

The Soviet Union was initially comprised of four republics: The Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, Belorussia, the Ukraine and Transcaucasia. Transcaucasia was itself a federation of three republics, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The four republics entered into the Treaty of the Soviet Union to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the former USSR.

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