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Well do you want to know WHY or WHAT you should do about it...i guess ill give my opinion on both. Why is because he is shy...he is scared of getting hurt or of rejection...which makes him hold back...which makes you think he might not really have feelings for you...your confused about whether he really likes you and is scared or if he doesnt like you dont say anything to him because you dont want to be rejected...what do you do about it? Simple...tell him exactly how you feel...if you dont then you will lose me i know this personally...for so long i like this guy and i KNEW he liked me but he was shy and so was i and we never talked and finally a girl more aggressive than me came and took him..i lost my chance..probabally please just tell him how you will make him realize you really like him and he wont be so scared to tell you how he feels so then he will tell you back and things will only go up from there...i know its hard to make the first move but you HAVE to or you will lose that what you want? probabally just do wont be sorry!!!!! ~GOOD LUCK~ * Hi thank you for your answer! I have asked him before, he knows I like him alot.. but he still wihtholds everything. It is driving me nuts..

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โˆ™ 2006-03-22 04:14:44
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Q: Why do you love a guy and he loves you but he holds back everything and you mimic him and it kills both of you?
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