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Why do you love cats?

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there fluffy?

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What is the love of cats called?

The love of cats is called ailrophilia

How do you say i love cats in German?

I love cats = ich mag Katzen I love cats = ich liebe Katzen

Why cats love boxes?

Cats love boxes because they can play in the box and cats love to play.

Does cats and dogs in love?

no. they only love other cats or dogs.

Do you have an opinion on cats?

I have one comment on cats, I love cats!

Do cats love people?

yes cats love people but they hate when they hold them a lot if you ignore them they will love you

Why do cats love other cats?

well,they are sort of like us humans so we love other humans and cats love other cats and so on Actually, cats are loners by nature. The lion is the only social cat.

Do you love cats?

Depends on you. Some people might not like cats and some people do. For one reason I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!

What is the duration of The Love Cats film?

The duration of The Love Cats - film - is 600.0 seconds.

Do cats respect there owners?

yes indeed they respect there owners! snuggling with a cat can releave stress and form a bond. cats love human attention and love there owners. i have two cats and enjoy them. just show cats love and they will love you back!

Why do cats love fish?

Because it is their instinct and they are cats.

How do cats make babies?

how do cats make love

How many cats can you own in WI?

i love cats

Do cats love to explore?

yes, cats love to explore. escpecially to places they never been.

When was Must Love Cats created?

Must Love Cats was created on 2011-02-12.

Do cats love humans?

Cats do love human affection. They like to be held and have their fur stroked. Some cats love humans more than others and are more social.

Who here likes cats because i like cats and if you like cats we should chat?

me, i love cats

Does greyson chance like cats?

yes i love cats

How do cats look for a mate?

Dear Reader, Cats look for a mate just like dogs do. They just be in love. Some cats I've seen make a heart with their tail, and they were in love. Humans, Cats, Dogs, same love. -Writer

What do Orange Tabby Cats love?

Orange Tabby Cats love people that are really nice. They also love cat toys. Sometimes they love to play with people.

What is ailurophilia?

love of cats

Is it strange for a man to love cats?

Course not!! Cats are lovely my boyfriend and me both love them loads!!! Why would it be strange!

When was The Love Cats - song - created?

The Love Cats - song - was created on 1983-10-15.

When was The Love Cats - film - created?

The Love Cats - film - was created on 2012-03-31.

Do cats chase fish?

Cats love to chase and eat fish