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Why do you need roof ventilation?

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Condensation forms in roof spaces and can be severe. Water droplets can drip ontoinsulation material or the ceiling of the room below. If there are timber roof trusses (beams) then severe condensation will cause rotting of timber which could lead to wet rot or even worse dry rot. Good ventilation will stop the build up of moisture. Improper roof ventilation may dramatically lessen the life of a roof and void your shingle warranty. The shingle manufacturer has specific guidelines for the amount of ventilation you need based on attic square footage. Attic ventilation is very important as too little will literally cook your shingles; which, will cause them to be brittle and this will make susceptible to wind, hail and storm damage. Your utility bills may also suffer as the excess heat from your attic may radiate through your ceiling and cause your air conditioner to run excessively.

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Why is roof ventilation necessary?

Roof ventilation is necessary so that the air is in constant circulation keeping moisture levels low causing less future damage. Roof ventilation also increases energy efficiency in warmer climates.

Does a hamster need ventilation?

yes a hamster does need ventilation:)

Why are roof nails sweating in attic-- no roof leaks?

Not enough ventilation. Moisture from inside the house is condensing on the underneath side of the roof.

What is the gable end for?

The gable end (of a roof) means you don't have to cut hip rafters to frame the roof. It also allows for cross ventilation in the roof space or if it's a living space permits area for windows without the need to build dormers.

Why did the globe theatre have no roof?

Easiest way to get good ventilation and daytime lighting was to leave the roof off.

Why do animals need ventilation?

Animals need to breath, without ventilation the cannot do that.

What type of roof structure ventilation is considered superior?

ridge vent and powered

What causes the wood roof to deteriote under the roofs tiles or singles?

Not enough ventilation under the roof and moisture collects on the underneath side.

I have a phobia of ventilation in toilets the ones on the roof I can't use a toilet if there is one there Is there a name for this phobia and is it normal?

A phobia for ventilation in toilets is not normal and has no specific name.

What is the best way to determine if my house has proper roof ventilation?

Hire someone who repairs roof for a living. They will come out and get on top of your roof, something that you most likely cannot do and let you know what the answer is.

What is the purpose of having roof vents?

The purpose of having roof vents are the following; preserving the life of the roof, reducing the moisture inside the roof, maintaining the right ventilation inside the roof to avoid molds and moisture and for aesthetic and style purposes as well.

When light and ventilation are needed for attic space a what is framed into the roof?

Depends how much weed your growing.

What can I do make sure I have proper attic ventilation, and what are different types of ventilation systems?

I would recommend putting in roof vents. We have this same problem with our attic and we have put in roof vents and also insulated it so that we can keep the heat down throughout the rest of the house.

What is the main purpose of using soffits on the roof of ones house?

Soffit vents are an important part of attic ventilation and will keep a home cooler. Trapped heat causes shingles to degrade more quickly. Proper ventilation saves energy and prolongs the life of a roof.

Do you need a window in your bathroom if you already have ventilation?

The answer is no. If you already have proper ventilation within' your bathroom/restroom. There is no need for a window, unless you like a view before or after you shower and/or you would like window ventilation.

Why is it important to have proper attic ventilation?

Proper attic ventilation help reduce energy bills and extends the life of the roof. Temperature can be lost through the attic if not ventilated properly. Ventilation can also help keep homes safe and free from any structural damages.

How to fix a roof that has mold in the attic?

Not sure about ridding it of the existing mold, but the conditions which caused it can usually be remedied with adequate attic ventilation. Call an experienced roofer or contractor or have your attic ventilation system inspected.

Who can we prevent roofs from dampness?

If the roof slates or tiles are in good repair, with no slipped or missing slates or tiles, there should not be any dampness. If there is, the probable cause of dampness in the roof space (loft) is bad ventilation. Ensure there are air spaces or good ventilation under the eaves, covered by mesh to keep out nesting birds.

Do you need a roof rack to have cargo on your roof in California?


How many roof tiles do you need for 4ft by 6ft roof?

how many roof tiles do I need for 6ft by 4 ft pitched

Yo what up in the house?

the roof, the roof, the roof is on FIRE but we dont need no water...

I need a roof repair, not a whole roof. I am in a energy assistance program and desperately need some help?

do you help finance roof repairs

Do you need an undercoat of paint on your roof?

If you are painting on a metal roof, you definitely need a primer first.

Why does there need to be good ventilation when you prepare chlorine in a laboratory?

You have to ensure there is good ventilation when you prepare chlorine in a laboratory because chlorine is toxic so you need to ventilate it to avoid breathing it in.

What kind of ventilation would you need in your kitchen if you want to do indoor grilling?

Downdraft ventilation would be the smart option for an indoor grill.