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pre tinning make it easier to solder wire because the solder is already " stuck" to the wire. and less solder will be needed to join the wire. if you watch the solder under a magnifier while tinning, you will notice the solder does not flow and "stick" until proper heat and flux ar applied. this heat usually is more than required to melt the solder because it takes mor heat to heat up the wire due to higher density. after tinning, less heat is required to melt the solder, and enough flux is usually left from tinning to quickly join the wire to the desired material provided the material is also tinned. this reduces cold solder and provides for a more relible connection. To tin the wire first is to cover the end of the wire with a layer of solder before you put it thru the hole in the PCB that will give you insurance of a proper electrical contact else you will put a heap of solder on the PCB without a proper contact with the wire itself what is called a dry joint that go for un tinted copper wire only normally all electronic component pins is factory tinted

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Q: Why do you need to tin first the wire before soldering it?
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Strip the wire to desired length. Then hold the wire horizontally and hold the soldering iron underneath the stripped part while holding the solder on the top of the wire. When the wire gets hot enough it will suck the solder into the wire

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