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Why do you seem to fall in love with guys who don't like you back?


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Maybe what you think is love is really not. If your dating a guy and start to get pulled in then you must let him know that your feelings are changing to see if his are too. If they are not then you need to re-evaluate your relationship. Did you have a tough time as a kid with affection in your home growing up. Sometimes when people arent loved or cared for properly as children they overcompensate when they are adults and either try to hard to love or get love and or they confuse deep love or falling in love with passion or the path that leads to love. Love is an emotion that grows over time it doesnt happen overnight nor does it happen because you buy things for someone or love them first. Get some books from the local library on relationships and how to figure out if its love. The people at the library can direct you to the right section. It is either because they are attractive or they can make you laugh.