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On most cases it is a gut feeling. Trust your instincts!


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if u think ur bf is cheating on you and then he will have a fit about it.

No it is not cheating on your bf. As long as nothing physical happens your not cheating.Talk with your boyfriend about how much you're allowed to do with other guys without cheating him. Everyone has different ideas of what cheating is and what matters is that you two find a common ground and agree not to break that.

Because her boyfriend will think she is cheating on him and will dump her

I think you should stalk him (not really) talk to him tell him how you feel.

On google, search "50 signs you're husband/boyfriend is cheating on you." It really helped me with something I went through.~Sandra~

maybe you have been acting weird to him and he is suspecting that

That is slightly cheating. think about it would you want your boyfriend getting ground on by another girl.....I don't think you would.

ok plz tel me how do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, then you are cheating on both of them.

Says he'll do something but then bails, lies a lot, doesn't call or text as much as he used to. If you think he is cheating tell him you think he is cheating but your not sure and see what happens

Yes it is cheating and they cheat because they might be confused or think they are all that with two girlfriends.

no she loves her boyfriend

probably because he is cheating

well ask one of your friends to ask him if he was cheating on you and if not then it was probably just a rumor or something but if he was cheating on you then u should totally dump him

Be very sure you have some good reasons to think your boyfriend is cheating. If you feel he is (called 'gut feelings') then go with a girlfriend and follow him on the weekend. You can also ask around. Try asking his friends, your friends or anyone else he knows. If you think he'll admit to cheating most generally don't. Catch him in the act.

If you think your bf is cheating on you you don't trust him. Also you may be insecure and you may not know what he is doing at all times and that bothers you. There is always the downside that he may actually be cheating on you.

In most cases if a boyfriend was not cheating and was accused by his girlfriend then he would be angry and since your boyfriend is silent there is a high possibility he is cheating and cannot own up to it.

If you can forgive your sister, you can forgive your boyfriend. It doesn't necessarily mean that you should stay with your boyfriend. Cheating is cheating and if that is not acceptable to you, you should find someone who will respect that wish.

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