Why do you venerate the cross?

Roman Catholic Answer

To venerate is to show respect for, admiration, awe, etc. It is NOT worship. One venerates the Cross as the way that God chose to accomplish our salvation.

Another Christian Answer

Veneration of objects like the Cross depends upon one's particular tradition.

Roman Catholics venerate the Cross, as stated above, as it is an object that represents our salvation through the death of Jesus Christ.

This veneration also occurs in other denominations,notably the Orthodox Church and in some Anglican Churches.

It is certainly NOT 'worship' of the object as this would be idolatry, but merely an act of respect for a symbol of Christ's sacrifice and salvation for us.

However, in some (usually Protestant) denominations, and in some, more evangelical, Anglican Churches, the Cross is not venerated in this way. Although they accept that the Cross is a symbol of salvation, and is itself not to be worshipped but to be honoured, they regard bowing to such an object as possibly leading to idolatry, especially if the original meaning of the veneration is superceded by the veneration of the object itself.