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Why do you want to sleep alone while you are pregnant?

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Because when women are pregnant they can often get hot flashes. It can be uncomfortable to sleep next to someone else. more room for you wy wife said Absolutely, when I was pregnant I used 5 pillows, 2 for my head, one under my bump, one in my back and one under my knees, no room for my husband.

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What is the duration of I Don't Want to Sleep Alone?

The duration of I Don't Want to Sleep Alone is 1.92 hours.

If you are unsure that you are pregnant which is the best way to sleep?

You can sleep in any position you want whether pregnant or not.

Why would your ex still sleep with you once in a while if she does not want to get back together?

He/She could feel alone without being with you

What are the most common symptoms of being pregnant?

want to throw up and want to sleep

Where do giraffes sleeps?

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Name a reason why a children might want to sleep with their parents?

they can be scared to be alone

Why does your boxer puppy just want to sleep?

Your dog might be fat, lazy , or pregnant .

How you sleep when you pregnant about 1 to 2 months?

You can sleep however you want. The embryo is so tiny it wont notice any difference.

Can you sleep forward while you are pregnant a bout 1or 2 months?

Yes, you can sleep however you want. The embryo is tiny and wont get hurt at all. As your belly grow you will notice what is uncomfortable and will naturally avoid those positions. Don't stress about sleep positions, the baby will not get hurt.

Can you have a d and c while pregnant?

It's an abortion method so not if you want to remain pregnant.

Can you play soccer while pregnant?

you can if you really want to but i wouldn't

If you want to become pregnant And you start your periods Will you be pregnant?

Yes, you just have to have sex while you are ovulating & fertile.

How can you get pregnant while on implanon?

Pregnancy on the contraceptive implant is very rare. If you want to get pregnant, have the implant removed.

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Does recover from stress a sleep vital function?

People recover from stress in different ways. It depends on the type of stress what a particular individual needs. A number of people want to be alone and sleep after being under a particular type of stress. People under stress for several days especially want sleep. A number of people in stressful jobs want time alone after work. It will depend on the individual.

My dog just wanted to sleep and did not want to eat or drink?

your dog is or was not sure but maybe

How do you feel when your a month pregnant?

Tired! You will want to sleep a lot and it's normal so take naps!

Can you get a divorce in Indiana while pregnant with your boyfriends baby?

if that is waht you want...

Can i eat eat pistachio nuts while pregnant?

=Yes, if you want.=

Can you use a heating pad on your stomach while you are pregnant?

Yes you can, but why do you want to?

Can you get your back pierced while pregnant?

Why the heck would you want to do that..? Lol

Should a baby rabbit be lying on its back or its stomach?

Baby rabbits should be left alone to sleep as they want to.

Can you get a girl pregnant while taking lobetolol and cozzar?

Yes. If she doesn't want to get pregnant, then ALWAYS use a condom.

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