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Yes it would help to know what you are driving. But in General this is a feature the the Manufacturers have put in to help in the prevention of Car Jacking. It was also started a while back to keep children from opening the car door while it is moving. As to why it does not lock all the time you put it in gear that is where it would help to know what make and model you are driving.

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Q: Why do your door locks only lock when transmission is in drive but not at all time but will not ever unlock?
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Why does the driver door will not unlock the power locks?

The driver door does not unlock the power locks for a few reasons. This motor could be burned out or the wires could not be attached correctly.

Power door locks on 96 winstar locks the doors but doesn't unlock them?

I think you have to push the 'unlock' button twice in order to unlock the doors.

What if you have manual door locks?

Then you have to lock and unlock the doors by hand.

What causes the automatic door locks to lock and keep locking by itself an will not unlock in a 99 gmc surburban?

A faulty the door lock sensor will cause the door locks to lock and unlock repeatedly. The door lock sensor is located below the dashboard on the drivers side.

How do you unlock the child locks on a Chevy metro?

It is behind the back door and have a switch.

How do you unlock door on 2000 Chevy Silverado no power locks or windows?


How do you control the fuel door locking mechanism on a 1996 BMW 328 IC?

it locks when the car locks and on. when you turn off the key and unlock the door, the fuel door unlocks so you can open it.

How do you unlock power locks in Toyota when battery fails and you are locked inside?

Umm, there are still manual locks. Take your finger and push the lock over and unlock the door. Good Luck!!!!

How do you unlock A Ford Thunderbird?

When i bought my thunderbird the key to the ignition didnt fit the door locks so i had to replace the locks. That might be the best answer. :]

How do you use keyless door locks in your home?

Keyless door locks use a different technology to open your door. You can still use your regular key, or you can use an entry pad to unlock your door. You use a password made of numbers to unlock your door. These options can be found for multiple types of doors, including deadbolts, doorknobs, handles etc. Here is a link to tell you more:

You can unlock and lock your 2002 Toyota 4 Runner using the factory remote but the door switches will not lock your unlock the vehicle from the inside?

replace master switch for door locks

Sliding door won't unlock on winstar?

There are 2 questions that address door locks - See "Related Questions" below for more

Why won't your 1991 735i unlock in cold weather but will when above freezing?

Grease is old in the door locks. You will need to remove the door locks and soak them in kerosene for a day or two. Then regrease them with litium.

How to unlock 4 wheel drive 88 subaru?

put the key in the door and unlock it

Where is fuel door release button Bonneville?

It should lock and unlock with the power door locks. If it is stuck in the locked position, there is a lever in the trunk on the driver's side behind the carpet that will unlock it.

Power locks on passenger door won't unlock unless you use key?

check fuses........ rosdale joe Better ANSWER Door lock solenoid, it is what activates the levers to lock and unlock the door. You will need to remove door handle and interior door panel to get to it.

What can be the cause of power locks on your 97 Mitsubishi Galant not to unlock but it lock?

the door lock actuator is bad. it is located in the drivers door panel

How do door locks work?

How do door locks work?

F150 1998 The power door locks failed but the unlock still works?

Your 1998 F150 has 3 relays for your power door locks : an all unlock relay / a driver unlock relay / and an ALL LOCK RELAY I'm guessing that the ALL LOCK RELAY has failed I'm sorry but I haven't found the location of the power lock/unlock relays on your F150 yet ( does anyone know the location of the power door lock / unlock relays on a 1998 F150 ? )

How do you open the gas door on a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder?

clicking the door unlock switch on the drivers door or key fob will unlock a fuel door actuator lock that locks the fuel door. Then all you should have to do is gently push the front of the fuel door toward the vehicle and the door will swing open.

How do you make the door locks automatically lock when you drive on a 2005 maxima?

being bad

With door access systems what is commonly used for unlocking doors?

It depends on the access technique used for the door lock - if it is a cipher lock then you need the unlock code or the magnetic card. For preset locks, you need a key.For biometric locks, you need the appropriate biometric answer, a retinal scan, fingerprint, or palm print, etc. to unlock the door.

Why does your kia drivers side door not unlock?

Your Kia driver's side door might not unlock because of a damaged linkage between the inside door handle and the latch itself. You might also have a problem with the fuse that controls the electronic locks.

My doors won't lock or unlock?

why dont my 2001 windstar van lx door locks wont lock

2005 GMC Yukon backdoor power locks will not unlock?