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Why do your door locks only lock when transmission is in drive but not at all time but will not ever unlock?


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2015-08-10 03:34:48
2015-08-10 03:34:48

Yes it would help to know what you are driving. But in General this is a feature the the Manufacturers have put in to help in the prevention of Car Jacking. It was also started a while back to keep children from opening the car door while it is moving. As to why it does not lock all the time you put it in gear that is where it would help to know what make and model you are driving.


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I think you have to push the 'unlock' button twice in order to unlock the doors.

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The driver door does not unlock the power locks for a few reasons. This motor could be burned out or the wires could not be attached correctly.

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Then you have to lock and unlock the doors by hand.

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A faulty the door lock sensor will cause the door locks to lock and unlock repeatedly. The door lock sensor is located below the dashboard on the drivers side.

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It is behind the back door and have a switch.

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