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when your ears go redhot can be from conceiling anger. It is because you r concealing something from your parents that u dont want them to know ws

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Q: Why do your ears go red hot?
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Why do ears get hot and red?

possibly an allergy. food allergies often cause red ears

Meaning of hot ears?

There are 2 most common causes of hot or red ears. Having hot ears can mean that you have a fever and it can also mean that your blood pressure is elevated.

Can an Allergy cause red itchy hot swollen ears?

Yes, it can

How do you know if someones talking about you?

the very top of your ears get really red and hot..

Does a dog's ears get red when the dog is hot?

No But they will pant with their tongue because they have no sweatglands

Why are your ears red?

My ears are not red.

Why both ears is getting red and hot?

You are either really angry or it is an allergic reaction

Why do your ear become red hot suddenly?

It may be due to anxiety. Try typing in "What causes your ears to turn red?"

Why do ears get red and hot?

Ears get red and hot due to a vascular change in your body. This can occur due to the weather and temperature, stress, or other situation that alters the constriction of your blood vessels. You can take prescription beta blockers recommended by your doctor to control this situation.

Why does your ears get hot?

Your ears get hot when the temperature in the rest of your body rises. When you feel hot, it causes the small blood vessels in your ears to dilate.

Why are penguins ears red?

Penguins ears are not red. There.

How do you beat level 17 on factory balls 3?

first go to the red paint then you go to the ears and then you go to the red tool thing and go from there.

Why does my dog get hot red ears?

Possibly ear mites. You should take the poor thing to the. Vet

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What are some adaptations of a red wolf?

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What causes redness swollen and hot earlobe?

Your ears could be red, swollen, and hot because they are irritated. This could be from something as simple as a new laundry detergent.

Why do your ears burn?

Your ears may sometimes feel hot or turn red due to blood rushing to the area. This is sometimes caused by emotions, fears, embarassing moments, so forth.

Do red eyed tree frogs have ears?

Red eyed tree frogs do have ears

What does it mean if your ear often gets red-hot?

Red-hot ears me be caused by a lot of things: * Blood pressure can cause your ears to get hot * Some inflammations can cause the same symptom Also, at different times during the day you can experience "flushes" anywhere on your body - most of the time it is nothing to be concerned about - sometimes nerves fire off in the body for no explainable reason - like what causes hic ups. One thing to remember is that they the saying says that if your ears are burning or you sneeze, someone is talking about you...

How do Tasmanian Devils make their ears turn red?

Its ears turn red when it becomes agitated.

What type of turtle has red ears?

the uranium turtle has red ears, a blublack spotse shell and

Is it normal that your guinea pigs ears went from normal to hot?

Yes, this can be normal. As long as the ears do not stay hot. The ears are a way to rid the body of excess heat.

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