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it depends what you consider a "medicine" smell. there are different reasons for your urine to smell. certain foods such as asparagus can cause a different smell. foul smelling urine can indicated a urinary tract infection. sweet smelling urine can indicate undiagnosed Diabetes.


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Well it could be if you take medicine. If not from the things you eat

The odor of urine derives from uric acid. what can I do to take care of this problem and how does it get into your system?

Most likely your fertilizer has a bit of ammonia in it, so that's what is causing the smell. If it bothers you, spread a bit of lime. It's good for the garden and will take care of the urine smell.

Mix a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water, then pour directly on the urine stain, leave for about 10 to 30 minutes, then rinse out with cold water and take it out to dry. This should take care of the urine smell, well until next time.

B6 is toxic in overdose.Your urine will turn bright yellow, and you will smell like excessive vitamin B.

Not usually, but you are more prone to infection while pregnant so take a specimen of urine and have it tested. You have more vaginal discharge when pregnant but it should not smell so get it checked out.

YES. If water intake is less or there is nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy, there may dehydration, leading to concentrated urine. So along with Anti emetic drugs your Gynecologist may give you can take salted water 3 to 4 grams/ liter and fruit juices(To replace body Potassium salts.)

Hmm, your hamster might be going to the bathroom when you don't know or if her home doesn't smell like urine then you might wanna take her to the vet to get her checked out.

how i would is that take a special urine cleaner and get a damp wet cloth and dab the spot and rub a little bit not much. thanks

You have to wack of ten times then take a shower because your prob smell bad.

Take a rag, and some DISHSOAP, then get the two wet. Scrub the urine until the smell goes away. Then spray ZOUT on their and wait 5 minutes. Then take a dry/damp rag and scrub. If there is still a smell, go to the store and buy Pet Spray.

urine. Wee in your sheos and it'll take the smell away! No, use whip cream its a wonder!!

I dont no if its a hoax but it is a spicy herby smellWhat DOES pepper smell like? Take a sniff and find out for yourself, but here's a hint: have a kleenex handy.

"Yes some women have found that when they are pregnant their urine becomes darker and can smell stronger than usual. There a few potential causes of this. Pregnant women tend to have a greater sense of smell and taste so if they may be able to better smell their own urine, even though it actually hasn't changed. Some women believe that they can smell the hormone that is produced and released into urine. That hormone is called the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), but it is unknown if women can actually smell the hormone or if they are just smelling stronger urine, or as mentioned above, smelling more of their regular urine. Another reason your urine may smell stronger is because you need more water than you are usually drinking. Pregnancy requires more hydration than you may usually need, not only does the baby need water but the embryonic fluid that surrounds the baby has to some from somewhere. The more water you drink the more water will be released into urine, diluting it and thus reducing the smell. If you drink less water, or require more water due to pregnancy, or even because you are exercising more, then your urine will smell more like ammonia then is may normally. While stronger smelling urine can be a sign of pregnancy, it is not a useful test. Visit your doctor for a blood test, or try a home pregnancy test. Take the home pregnancy test in the morning when the level of hCG is higher in your urine as home pregnancy tests test for this hormone."

i found that this , sounds crazy but if u take urine and rub it on it and then wash it will come off.

You take the items That smell like moth balls and put them in the sunlight

It depends on the medicine. You should see your primary care physician and speak to him/her about what medicine you'd like to take, and if it would effect your mold allergy.

Nothing will remove it. The drug is in hair and fat cells too.

no showeers they take no showerrs no showeers they take no showerrs They have natural hormones is their body which produces that precise smell

It does not smell like anything right away. After a few days, it will take on the smell of rot. It is best to clean things up right away if your hamster has died.

yes, it cures dropsy which is an illness which means that your heart cant pump enough blood to take away urine

If the medicine make you want to puke, it's better if you don't take that medicine, because that can means your body can't tolerate the medicine. Besides that, if you take the medicine, and after that you throw it up, it doesn't make any effect of medicine in your body, because the medicine isn't work yet.

Ammonia is the problem. Too much can kill you. It would take a whole lot of cats to cause this problem.

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