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The somewhat cynical answer is "because he wants to estimate how long your insurance companies are going to argue about which of them should pay before he actually gets paid."

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It does not matter what profession you are in, pretty much anyone can buy health insurance that wants and can afford it.

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"Catastrophic insurance is a type of health insurance. With this type of insurance, the insured pays lower monthly premiums, but a higher deductible. For a person who doesn't need to see the doctor very often, but wants to be covered in case of an accident, this type of plan may be a good idea."

The difference between regular health insurance and major health insurance boils down to coverage. Regular health insurance covers basic procedures such as check ups, minor illnesses and minor injuries. Major health insurance is purchased when one wants coverage for more serious health conditions such as broken bones, serious traumatic injuries and cancer treatments.

It all depends on what kind of insurance you have. Some insurance wants the patient to be over a certain weight or they do not qualify. Some wants the patient to be in extreme need where it might endanger their lives.

A health survey is something you fill out normaly get the form from who wants you to do it.

Completely depends on your opinion. It will raise taxes and cost of medicine, health insurance, etc. For everyone. But it will give the poor who can't afford, or the person who does not want to work health insurance. So in my opinion it's everyone who wants to keep there health insurance which is the middle and upper class.

He supports it, and in fact, he has said he especially wants to expand mental health treatment, physical therapy, and other health-related services for returning troops. About two years ago, there was an incorrect story that he wanted to cut military benefits, but that story was not accurate.

he wants to lower government spendins and also lower tax funds

There is not one company that is the best for Denver health insurance. Many companies have there own strengths and it really comes down to what is the best fit for your own individual wants and needs, you can try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies

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Required? It's not required. It's up to the doctor if he or she wants to buy insurance or risk practicing without it.

The health care bill is about attempting to provide health insurance to those who cannot afford it, and to insure that people with pre-existing conditions can get health care insurance. The health care bill will require that ALL people except the poverty stricken, pay for health-care insurance. Estimates say you will pay more than what it would cost you now and you will not receive the same quality and service. It's about the government incrementally taking over 1/6 of the American economy. The same government that is running the country into bankruptcy wants to run health care for all...

The doctor prescribed him some antibiotics.My daughter wants to be a doctor.We will transfer you to a specialist bone doctor, called an orthopaedic specialist.The evil doctor demanded £999,999,999 and four pizzas or he will destroy Earth.

Liability insurance for drivers is a requirement in the state of Mississippi. The other party involved in this accident does not have insurance. I do have liability insurance. The accident was not reported although law enforcement was called and an accident report was completed. The other party now wants me to fix her automobile. What are my rights in this situation?

No. Insurance companies do not cover "elective procedures". Elective procedures are those that are done for the patient's wants, not his or her needs/health. Face lifts, plastic surgery, preventative medicine, and diets are almost never covered by medical insurance.

Income levels have a significant impact on access to health care. The poor often have little affordable health care. Add to this the expense of pharmaceuticals, and going to the doctor is out of the question for those who do not have universal health care or health insurance. wilfred abuena wrote this .In general income can directly affect your health or health care because if you are well paid person you can afford to use all the health services,you can have many option as you wants unlike the person those who do not have a bigger income can only use what health services that can afford. don't copy this answer .wilfred abuena wrote this make your own

My mother is up in age and in poor health, she has several life insurance policies. She wants to know if a beneficiary needs to be changed or can her will surfice?

Yes, you are allowed to refuse to be covered by the employer's plan. They may ask you for proof of coverage elsewhere, which you may or may not have. The insurance carrier wants this, in order to know that people are not dropping out for other reasons. Even if you do not have coverage elsewhere, you can still refuse to join the employer's plan.

This one could be quite hard When a doctor gets sick and another doctor doctors him, does the doctor doing the doctoring have to doctor the doctor the way the doctor being doctored wants to be doctored, or does the doctor doing the doctoring of the doctor doctor the doctor as he wants to do the doctoring?

If one wants emergency medical insurance companies they can choose companies like Access American INC, CSA Travel Protection, Expat Global Medicine, and Health Care Global.

Planned Parenthood usually wants to know about insurance, but if you have no insurance they would like to know about income and your households income, but if you qualify and income is low they hand you e-pact insurance card that covers the visits at planned parenthood and exams and any health care done there and contraseptives needed.

A health insurance plan is designed based on what the employer wants. So if a plan says that domestic partners are covered then the employer group is the one that put that wording in the policy. So if an employer wont cover a domestic partner then domestic partners aren't covered company wide.

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