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Why does'nt he love me?

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Maybe you are trying to impress him so much until he hates you maybe you are a stocker just maybe i know how it feel because it happened to me.

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no she doesnt and justin bieber doesnt love her

it doesnt matter some might love it some might like it it doesnt matter

it doesnt matter, as long as you love her. Just because she has low intelligence, doesnt mean you can't love er!

it sucks but the truth is you cant make anyone fall in love with you... its a harsh fact but if she doesnt love you then she doesnt love you and money definitely wont change that. :/

it means he doesnt love you.... or in other words hes attracted to someone else..

No it doesnt jus like money doesnt bring happiness to someones life

troy doesnt love sharpay... he hates her.....

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love doesnt make you strange... it just feels that way.. when your in love the other person does no wrong.. it doesnt make you strange it makes you amazing :)

well if he doesnt love you anymore you are suppose to at lease try and move on.* more likey he doesnt want you no more.

i have a best friend who has ALL the boys in our class falling for her. if he doesnt know your alive start talking to him be nice to his friends if you think he loves you but arent sure tell him you like him... IKNOW I KNOW! but what if he doesnt love you then tells everyone you love him IT WONT HAPPEN! tell him you were joking if he says he doesnt love you.

you doesnt exist

i think orton doesnt love maria.orton orton doesnt love any women.but maria is so beautiful

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Be your self. And if she doesnt fall in love with who you are....oh mann ha sorry

He doesnt love you, he loves mason little pinny winky

No! he doesnt like his fans too.

she doesnt love you back!! get over it!

maybe because he doesnt love you, or he just wants his options open. if he doesnt want a relationship with you then he obviously doesnt truly love you so you need to prove to him you can do without him

She doesnt seem the same way in bed anymore. She doesnt say "I love you" as much, she fights and attacks you for stupid things.

Saying you love your ex does not mean you are in love with him.

because you love her ways. To truly love someone you must love what you share.

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