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it is the fule cut off switch all is ok

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Q: Why does 1993 4.9gm.motor back-fire when gas pedel is depressed in neutrol and rpm fluctuates up and down when idleing in neurol?
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What is the correct idleing speed for Suzuki tf 125?

1 300 rpm

What is wrong with a 91 Lincoln Continental that sometimes stalls when idleing?

Check the EGR valve.

What causes a Honda accord AC system to blow warm air when idleing and cold when moving?

Needs a recharge

What causes rough idleing for a 2000 ford explore?

check the idle control valve not that hard to replace and inexpensive

A lot of viberation while idleing not when running down the road?

Probably have a misfire or lean fuel mix NELSON

Why does your 2000 ford explorer xlt 5.0 over rev while idleing?

look for a loose vacuum line.

1993 Chevy Caprice Classic car will start reaving up by itself can be driving idling in park the car will literary move and jerk most of the time with the car shutting off normally worse in the rain?

your car is idleing to high you need to have that looked at your car is idleing to high you need to have that looked at

Why is my 1987 Nissan 4x4 pickup idleing high and fluctuating idle?

Look and listen for a vacumn leak under the hood.

1989 190 e Mercedes Benz why wont it stay idleing below 2000 rpms?

check the overload relay part # 201.540.32.45

What could be the cause of my enigne idleing to high on a 87 fiero gt?

You probably have a cracked EGR tube The Fiero Store has replacements Google them

Why engine is idleing then shuts off?

air in the lines, bad fuel, dirty air filter, need more info to properly troubleshoot

Why does your 1986 Oldsmobile Calais stalls when brakes are applied?

engine idleing to slow turn up your idle to 1500 rpm at idle drive safe

97 lumina overheats while idleing?

start with water pump. If its a V6 3.1L have the intake manifold gasket checked. You may have a coolant leak.

What causes a car to cut off while idling?

my experiencess with vehicles that cut out while idleing would be a fuel filter or fuel pump problem.

Why does a 1996 Oldsmobile ciera SL car stalls while running and starts back up?

If it is stalling when putting it into gear but not while idleing I would check your mass air flow sensor. It may need to be cleaned or replaced. If it is stalling when putting it into gear but not while idleing I would check your mass air flow sensor. It may need to be cleaned or replaced.

1994 3.4 Camaro why would the water boil out just from sitting there idleing but not when driving?

It may be that your electric fan isn't drawing air the way it should.

Why does your 735i shake while idleing you changed the ignition wires and checked the spark plugs but there was no noticeable difference?

nevermind it ended up being the ignition coil

What causes a raddleing noise on the passenger side of the motor only when it is idleing on a 97 ford ranger 2.3l?

It could be one of the heat shields on the exhaust system

In your 1999 Pontiac grandprix se when you turn the wheel to the right you get a rattling noise and sometimes while idleing what could be causing it?

my guess is the lower motor mount

You are having problems with your 99 escort idleing it runs fine but does not want to idle?

check the pcv valve and hoses if there is a vacuum leak here it wont idle

Why would a 1995 Lincoln Town Car 4.6L miss at idle and sputter sometimes at other speeds?

Try replacing the fuel filter. if you have 50,000+ miles on the car, and your fuel filter hasn't been replaced, that could cause your car to sputter, backfire, and race while it's idleing. your sending unit in the gas tank could also be going bad, but i'd try replacing the fuel filter first, it's way cheaper and easier than dropping a gas tank and then finding out that wasn't the problem.

How do you set Timing 2005 cavalier?

Hi my 2005 chevy cavalier is idleing just a little bit high for example (80km) the RPMS a are (2200) how can i adjust it myself?

How do you get your 90 pathfinder se to stop idleing between 1500 and 2100 rpm's but sometimes idles at 1000?

Take it to A shop and have them clean the intake and throttle body housing.

Why is my grand prix gtp idleing at 2500 to 3000 rpm i have tried changing most of the sensors nothing seems to work what next?

Could be sticky throttle cable

Sunbird GT 3.1 V6 revs up and down when idleing why?

Look for a vacuum air leak somewhere, most likely at the intake but could be in any of the vacuum lines.