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Because that's his style and sometimes people just do stuff just because. It's Bill's trademark (along with his hair) and so he just does it.


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Any you like! here's some suggestions: Pink nail polish with black crackle Blue nail polish with black crackle Black nail polish with pink crackle Pink nail polish with white crackle Grey nail polish with blue crackle Black nail polish with white crackle Red with green crackle for Christmas Orange with black crackle for Halloween Yellow with blue crackle for summer.

You can try nail polish remover, which has an ingredient in it that counteracts the ingredients in nail polish.

BLack nail polish stupid asses

Black nail polish dries the fastest

You cant its almost impossible to make true black, the best you've got is to buy it at the store or you can make black nail polish from a clear nail polish and mix it with black eye shadow. :)

it depends on the type of nail guess is that it does ruin black clothes so i don't think its a good idea to try and put nail polish on black clothes.

She wears black or red nail polish

you can color it over black? or you can try to take it off with nail polish remover.

If you don't apply a clear base coat on your nails before applying the black nail polish, your nails can stain. This can happen with any of the darker nail polish colours.

probably acetone, or a really good nail polish remover

Try nail polish remover or strong cleaning substances.

sparkle white+christmas snow=white nail polish nail polish nail polish

Miley Cyrus' two favorite nail polish colors are black and white.(:

well if your asking "why do you have to use more coats to get the the black you want?" i have the answer! I'm not sure why, but black nail polish is really thin so when you put 1 coat of it on your nails, you can see right through the polish. But i know a GREAT trick! before you apply black nail polish you should put on 1 coat of WHITE nail polish first. I don't know how it works but the white makes the black darker in fewer coats. just apply the white nail polish to where you want the black to be. White will also help with other thin colors. Some black nail polishes are thick but that is just depending on brand!

No, But if you are doing something as a witch wear black nail polish as it is the closest color a witch would wear. -Hope i helped

yeah she wears nail polish. Although in a bunch of pictures she is usually wearing black nail polish.

If you like it, it's good.

Well in order to do that you should use Nail Polish remover. However before you paint your nails black paint them with a clear bottom coat, leave to dry and then paint over with black. This makes taking off the nail polish a lot easier and less messy.

Clear nail polish is a special coat of nail polish to protect the other coat of nail polish

I think Miley's favorite nail polish color is Black. Just like other teenage girls.

u could just bye a grey nail polish from the shop or mix a black and white on together

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) can wear whatever type of nail polish they choose. The Church has absolutely no guidelines with regards to nail polish. However, in most cases you will be asked to remove your nail polish if you are participating in a temple ceremony, especially if it is a really bright color such as red or black.

the chemicals in the nail polish stick to the nail

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