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check for vacuum leak or dirty fuel filter

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Q: Why does Engine stalls when in low gear?
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Your engine stalls while in gear?

clutch switch is bad

Why would your truck stall out when running and giving it a little more gas?

engine stalls at low speed

How come engine stalls in low gear when going uphill?

Your engine produces torque(turning power) and revs, and these are related. You can't get more than a certain amount of torque out of the engine at a given number of revs. If you hit a slope in the wrong gear/at the wrong speed, then forcing the car forward will require more torque than the engine can deliver, and it will stall. It's very much like trying to ride a bike uphill in the wrong gear.

What is cause of dragging on engine when change gear?

Low RPM. Gear is too high for travel speed

What is the best way to descend on an icy hill in neutral or in a low gear?

In a low gear is better than any other on ice. low gear is the best choice it allows you to slowdown with the engine and have more control.

Do manual transmission cars get better gas mileage when driven at low speeds in a high gear or a low gear?

Not sure when you say low speed. Not knowing what your driveline ratio is I will just use some basic numbers .If 20 MPH is your speed and you were in first gear your engine RPM's would be 3000, if you were in second gear at 20MPH your engine RPM's would be 2500 , if you were in third gear at 20MPH your engine RPM's would be 2000. A difference of 1000 RPM's from low to high gear. Lower engine RPM's less fuel used.

What does it mean if you can completely engage your clutch in first gear and never give the engine gas but the engine never stalls and moves forward?

Probably a clutch, but might be a problem in the trany.

Why does your car jerk and the engine light comes on when in second gear?

you are going too slow for that gear your engine has very little torque at low rpm

Where is the best place to park your ATV after shutting off the engine height gear or low gear?

Where is the best place to park your ATV after shutting off the engine

Tahoe Engine stalls as you come to a stop?

maybe your idle to low, if it continues, I have the fluid injection relay switch replaced.

1994 Chevy lumina apv sometime stalls when put in gear help?

First what motor is in the van? Than tell me what it does before it stalls or you put it in gear. There many different possiables that it could be.

Why engine stalls while driving and sometimes at stops?

Why engine stalls on 1993 Chrysler Intrepid while driving and sometimes at stops?

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