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Why does Indian law prohibits overtime?

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To protect welfare of the labourers and to protect the rights of labourers

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Is there a law that prohibits volunteerism?


What does California overtime law mean?

The California overtime law states that nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime for every hour more than their regular 8 hour work days. This law also constitutes that a worker can refuse overtime without a penalty.

What is a sentence using the word prohibits?

The law prohibits hunting and fishing without a license.

What is the overtime labor law in Kentucky?

Companies are required to pay non-exempt employees overtime in KS. This is a federal law.

What law prohibits public officials from holding meetings not open to the public?

The sunshine law.

What is the law which prohibits companies from engaging in price fixing?

The Sherman Anti-Trust Law.

This law prohibits public officials from holding meetings not open to the public?

sunshine law

What law prohibits Hacking?

The Man vs The Geeks 1992

In Tennessee a law exists which prohibits the sale of what on Sunday?


What law prohibits discrimination against handicappers?

ADA 1990

I have a class A, CDL and drive for a company in Arkansas. Does this company, by law, have to pay me overtime?

No. Companies are not required to pay overtime!

What is the Work Hours Act of 1962?

The Contract Work Hours Act of 1962 is a Federal law that covers safety standards. The Work Hours Act sets the stage for overtime pay after 40 hours and prohibits unsanitary, hazardous or dangerous working conditions.

What law prohibits the mix of religion and state?

the first amendment of the constitution.

Can a convicted felon own a gun in Indiana?

Federal law prohibits it.

The law of war prohibits intentional attack on whom?

Civilians and noncombatants

Law of war prohibits the intentional attack on whom?

noncombatants (civilians)

Can a previous employer answer the reason you are no longer employed there?

Sure. No law prohibits that.

What law prohibits publice officials from holding meetings not to open to the public?

The type of law that prohibits public officials meeting in secret is generally called a "Sunshine Law" or more specifically, an "Open Public Meetings Act" or some similar name.

What has the author Julie Athey written?

Julie Athey has written: 'Defusing the overtime bomb' -- subject(s): Overtime, Law and legislation

Would California State labor overtime laws supersede the city and county of San Francisco overtime labor laws?

Yes. State law "trumps" local law when the two contradict.

Where can I find out about overtime laws in Texas?

There are several online websites that clarify the overtime laws for the state of Texas. You can only check with most law firms or attorneys. Most of them are knowledgeable about overtime laws.

New york stated law no dogs in public building what law?

what new york state law prohibits dogs in public buildings

What law prohibits discrimination against people with physical or mental disabilities?


What law prohibits two drivers licenses?

ALL state's laws prohibit this.

What are the laws about software piracy in India?

Software piracy is against the law in India under the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. It prohibits the reproduction and distribution of software without the owner's consent. The punishment is fines or imprisonment.