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Malfunctioning emissions system. Get this repaired. Engine probably running rich from a leaking fuel pressure regulator. If there is fuel in the vacuum line the regulator is bad.

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Q: Why does a 1991 Honda Civic LX exhaust smell like rotten eggs?
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What makes a car smell like rotten eggs?

Car exhaust can smell like rotten eggs when the fuel has a lot of sulphur in it.

What if your car is rattling and exhaust smells of rotten eggs?

Most likely your exhaust is rattling and the smell is because your catalytic converter is bad

How do you fix rotten egg smell on a 2000 Cadillac DTS?

From exhaust?? Have catalytic converter checked.

Why does the mufflers on Nissan smell bad?

if the exhaust has a foul smell like rotten eggs most likely the cacatalytic convert is a bad

Rotten egg smell from exhaust and missing after warming up and driving?

time for a new calitic converter its befor the muffler on the exhaust system

How can you tell if your catalytic converter is broken?

most of the time you will smell a rotten egg smell if its bad, or if you hear a rattling noise coming from your exhaust

Why does my Mazda smell like rotten eggs?

You may have an exhaust leak. Better get it checked out. Any exhaust leaking into the cabin/passenger area can be potentially hazardous and deadly.

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Elements in a rotten egg smell?

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Why does your new Honda Civic smell like skunk?

probably the catalytic converter- or you child is smoking in the car

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If you smell rotten eggs all around how do you get rid of the nasty smell?

A rotten egg smell is usually a sign of a failing catalytic convertor and also at times failing oxygen sensors. try the cat first and that should alleviate your smelly problem. answer before you change expensive catalictic converter, try using a different brand of fuel sometimes fuel company additives will make your exhaust smell like rotten eggs

What can you do to stop stinky smoke from coming out of your muffler?

There isn't much a person can do to stop the stinky smell of exhaust from the muffler. This smell, sometimes like sulphur or rotten eggs, is a by-product of the fuels burned.

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Getting an exhaust smell in the car of 1994 Lincoln mark viii?

Don't know exactly what you mean, if the rotten egg smell probably cat. convertors fuel smell probably ox. sensors. Does it still idle and run smooth?

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Why might cause a vehicle to smell like rotten eggs?

A part of your exhaust system, the catalytic converter, has stopped working correctly. You need to get a new one.

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What causes rotten egg smell in 03 ls430?

That rotten egg smell is most likely emanating from the catalytic converter.

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