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Why does a 1995 Sonoma blow hot air when the temperature control is set to cold?

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The problem would Most likely be that your A.C. Needs to be Recharged.. You can buy a kit at ur local AutoZone for about 15 bucks!

2006-07-16 08:15:23
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Why does a Sonoma blow heated air from the vents on cool days with the temperature control on cold and AC is off and set to Vent?

The heater core valve is probably sticking or adjusted wrong.

Why hot air blows with temp control on cold 2001 sonoma?

There is a door behind the dash that changes cold and hot air flows. The door is probable stuck or the control circuit has failed causing the hot air to blow on cold.

My heater will blow but not hot ive replaced the thermostat?

Check into the temperature control valve--this is different than the thermostat.

How do you get the air conditioning vents to blow cold instead of hot on 1996 crown Victoria?

Check temperature control cable for binding.

What is wrong with a 2002 Toyota solaras airconditioner when it blow out hot air?

Temperature control set to heat?Needs refrigerant charge?

If the resistor is bad would that also include the fact that my 1995 does not have the high blow and where is the resistor located I was considering changing the control box as this just started.?

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When the heat is on why would the back vents of a 2004 dodge durango blow cold air and the front blow hot?

The control for the heat on the dash has a control for the back seat and also has a setting that says something like "Rear Control". This allows the passengers in the back seat to control their heat independently via a temperature control in the back seat (on the back of the center console). So you could have the heat on in the front and the rear on "rear control" and if the passenger in the back has set their control to cold, it wold blow cold air in the back even though you have the heat on in the front.

Why does the rear heater in a 2003 Chevy Tahoe only blow cold air?

Try replacing the temperature control switch for the rear control cluster. Hope that that's the fix. Less than $20.

Why would the door lock fuse blow on a 1995 ford expedition?

There is no 1995 ford Expedition!

How do you stop blow by on a 1995 dodge neon?

Blow by is caused by internal engine problems. You need a new engine.

Winds start to blow when the air temperature?


What are the release dates for Martin - 1992 Blow Baby Blow 4-3?

Martin - 1992 Blow Baby Blow 4-3 was released on: USA: 23 September 1995

Why does 1999 grand prix only blow cold air when temperature control is turned all the way to the right?

Low coolant? Heater core airbound, resgtricted, or plugged? Bad thermostat? Heater control cable not adjusted properly?

What causes wind to blow?

Air masses change in temperature

Why does your gmc sonoma blow only a little air out and the defrost only blows out the front vents?

why dont bottom vent doors not open on 2001 gmcsonoma

Why does your front heater blow cold air when the temperature dial is on hot and the rear air blows hot air?

temp. control actuator or most of the time is the actual control head. ck for power and grd. at act. and resistance (ohm) check also

Why does your 2002 Sonoma v6 blow hot-luke warm air when the AC is off and Engine temperature doesn't even go near the half way mark also the AC works?

It sounds like a bad thermostat. I would have the radiator flushed and have the cap and hoses checked as well.

Why will the AC only blow out of the defrost vents in a 1990 Ford Tempo?

sounds like a vacum leak in the temperature control panel or from the engine to the control panel, the line from the engine to the control panel is black, and gets split at the panel, has the engine been running a little rough or a lack of power, this might explain it

What would be the reason for the heat to not blow on a 97 mercury villager?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core restricted, plugged or airbound? Temperature control not working? Water pump not circulating coolant?

What could cause a 1991 Subaru Legacy Brighton to only blow hot air from the AC?

Check your temperature control switch. It is hooked to a cable it could be stuck on hot or needs a new one.

Why doesn't a 1995 ford explorer get to operating temperature therefore it does not blow warm air with the heater on?

If your coolant level is fine but your engine temperature gauge is reading on the cool side all the time , your thermostat is probably sticking open. ( or you have no thermostat , or the wrong thermostat - one that has too low of a temperature range ) Anybody else have any ideas ?

Why would the exhaust from a 1995 Eagle Talon come out white?

blow head gasket

What causes your front ac vents not to blow a lot of air on a 1995 ford E 150 van?

Faulty blend door control, clogged cab filter, weak HVAC blower, obstruction in the HVAC ducts.

What happens when you blow dry a balloon?

It may pop depending on the level and temperature it is on.

Why will your heater blow but will not heaton a 1997 ford tourus?

Low coolant? Thermostat not opening? Heater core restricted or plugged? Heater core airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Temperature control not working?