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The kill-switdh wire is disconnected. loose. or broken. The kill-switch wire starts from the OFF position of the ignition switch and meets another wire that leads to GOUND to stop the engine.

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Q: Why does a Briggs Stratton 16.5 hp starts well but won't stop when I turn the key off I have to use the choke to stall It?
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Why would a Briggs and stratton lawn mower engine stall when the pto is engaged?

Typically this is caused by a bad seat safety switch.

What causes a Briggs and stratton 3.5 to stall when running?

Generally the most common problems with these engines is fuel-related, though ignition can be a problem if the blade has struck something shearing the key.

Why does my Cub cadet lawn tractor stall when the deck is engaged?

Mine was doing the same thing, and it turned out one of the plugs was not firing, which turned to be not the plug but the coil for that side (Briggs & Stratton 18hp on an MTD 1650 lawn tractor)

Honda z50R and i have both jets set at 1.5 turns out from all the way out from all the way inWhen it is started the choke is on full and when you try to turn the choke off it will stall out?

It may stall out.

What causes my 18 hp Briggs and Stratten motor to stall after it runs for a time?

Its out of gas

1992 Ford Taurus starts great but will stall when driving cold and have to pump gas petal to get it started again- let it warm up and runs great?

automatic choke needs adjusting

Why would the idle jump up and down and try to stall after warm up on 97 626?

incorrect operation of choke choke not shutting off after warm up

Why does your Yamaha ATV rev real high after you push the choke back in and stall out?

Carburetor not adjusted correctly

What would cause a carburated truck to stall when coming to a stop when the engines cold?

could be that the choke is not adjusted right

Can a faulty muffler choke an engine causing it to sputter and stall?

A faulty muffler will not cause this but a clogged catalytic converter will.

Why does your Sears garden tractor stall when the choke is turned off?

More than likely it needs to have the carburetor cleaned.

How do you adjust carb Briggs and stratton 12hp?

If the engine starts: Let the engine warm up for about 5 minutes and S-L-O-W-L-Y close the needle valve (rotate clockwise) until the engine starts to stall for lack of fuel. Then open the needle valve (rotate counter clockwise) until the engine starts to stall because of too much fuel. Set to half-way between the two extremes. If the engine doesn't start: Close the needle valve by screwing it in clockwise just to a point where you feel it stop - DO NOT FORCE IT!! or you will ruin the tip. Open the needle valve about 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns. This should be okay to start the engine and then follow the procedure above. If the engine hesitates under a load, open the needle valve about 1/8 turn for a slightly richer mixture. This is the basic standard procedure with nearly all Briggs motors.

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