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Check for vaccuum leaks this could be your problem.

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What kills half red and black ants?

stepping on it, squishing it to death

What causes most animal deaths?

Road kills

What causes a 94 Ranger to start knocking like a jackhammer consistently increasing and decreasing with accelerator usage and then completely kills the engine?

it is the catalyic converter. That is what happened to mine

What is the causes of water pollution?

it kills fishes and damages their habitat

Car stalled when jammed on brakes won't restart?

If the engine is turning over but it won't start then your car is equipped with an inertia sensor that kills the engines ability to run (in case of an accident). You need to take it to a repair facility and have this replaced.

Is mercury posining slow and painful?

Yes, it is. It kills your brain cells slowly and that causes pain to the family of the person. Yes, it is. It kills your brain cells slowly and that causes pain to the family of the person.

How do tiger hide from enemies?

a tiger only has one enemy[or 2/3].it does not hide from this enemy it runs because it is so big that it kills the tiger by stepping on it.

What causes summer fish kills in a pond?

sexually transmitted diseases

What kind of damages can sand storm do?

It causes asma and kills people

What is something that an earthquake does?

Shakes the Earth, causes fires, kills people

What is a toxic bloom that kills fish?

You may be looking for the word "Algae" That is the stuff that "Blooms" then decays and poisons the water which causes fish kills.

What causes increased white blood cell count?

it will kills germs in blood if it increase means it causes blood cancer.

Why should you not litter?

we should not litter because it causes sea pollution and also it kills our animals and littering causes sickness.

Effects of thunder and lightning on mankind?

it causes fires, kills, destoys home

Who discovered that heating food kills bacteria that causes disease?

Louis Pasteur

An algal bloom of dinoflagellates that causes fish kills is called?

Red tide?

How do you know you have transmission problems in jeep wrangler 1997?

reverse kills engine

How does penicillin help tooth pain?

penicillin kills infections and infections are what causes pain.

What word means a substance that kills or injures?

Poison- A substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action.

Should you stay in a car while the car is on?

Carbon monoxide is what an engine produces, and it kills.

Can house plants grow with sea water?

No. The salt in the water causes cellular damage which kills them.

Why are volcanoes so deadly?

the lava kills people, ash causes breathing problems - they can kill you

Why deforestation should be prohibited?

It kills a lot of wildlife and causes drought because of lack of trees

Can people get a deadly disease from smoking?

Yes smoking causes a number of diseases and kills people.

How do oil spill kill otters?

It causes them to choke and they cannot get it off to see. It eventually kills them.