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Most children are more connected to the mother than the father, but that can change. So often (maternal instinct) the mother can shut the father out and it all about between "mother and child." Of course the mother doesn't mean too, but, she is the main caregiver raising this child. It sounds like your child simply misses you. The father obviously is awkward and doesn't know how to entertain the child or probably even play correctly. If you want a better relationship between the 3 of you it's important you spend more time together (all 3 of you.) Go to the park, let your child play and both of you be part of his playtime. Teach dad how to interact with his son. Go out to MacDonald's, etc., and fill the quality of time you have with your son with laughter and "getting to know dad more." It just takes patience and consistency. It doesn't matter if you are living together, married, separated or even divorced. The child should get the best from both of you. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Why does a child act up when he is alone with the father but behaves when mother is around?
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