Why does a dog always leave his droppings on the same place where you do not want it to go?

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, and that is the spot they originally chose, so they will go back to the same spot. This, in a dogs mind is their territory to eliminate on. If you want your dog to go in a different spot, take some of his feces from the original spot and place it, in the spot you choose. Next time your dog has to go, take him directly to your chosen spot and he will firstly smell this spot, then he will go. For the first little while you will have to be consistent in taking him to your chosen spot. Over time he will get the hang of it, to in fact go on the spot you chose. Here's two more tips for "Scoop the Poop." If the dog has gone on your carpet, clean it well and then spray vinegar on it. This dilutes the smell and he won't remember where it is. You can also use a little pepper in that one spot and it only takes one snort of this to deter him from going in that same spot. The other post had a good idea too, but if you have a male dog they are super stubborn and although they may go on the paper they will still remember that one spot. Rascals aren't they! Both Posts are super excellent and helpful. I have had this problem and used a spray for carpets called "Natures Miracle" Try it!!!!