Why does a garage door remote open but not close the garage door?

If the Garage Door can be closed with the wired wall switch and not the wireless transmitter then the problem has to do with the safety sensor circuit. It could be as simple as something in the way blocking the beam or as complicated as a random compression short in the wiring behind a wall. Simple deduction can narrow the problem down very quickly.

  • Check the area around the sensors to make sure nothing is obstructing the view.
  • Replace the batteries in your remote

The garage door remote opens the door but when you try to close the door it goes down almost all the way and then reverses and opens again the problem may be the sensor beam is out of alignment. The sensor beam consists of a sending and receiving unit located on either side of the door near the floor it is suppose to keep the door from closing if there is an obstruction in the door. try realigning the sending and receiving units and see if this solves the problem

Garage Door openers are designed with safety in mind. Hence the sensor beams are placed about 6 inches above the floor to prevent the Garage Door from closing on something and possibly causing damage. There is very little risk of the Garage Door causing damage while opening. This is the reason the garage door remote can open the door but may not be able to close the Garage Door. Check the area around the sensors to make sure nothing is blocking the sensor.

You can still close the door by using the wall switch. By law the switch is mounted above 5 feet so a child can't operate it and in a place where the Garage Door is still visible. By holding down on the wall switch until the Garage Door quits moving you are in essence saying I'm an adult, I see there is nothing underneath the door to be crushed, so ignore the safety sensors and close the door!

Your best bet is to call a garage door company. Usually they can determine the cause quickly and while they are there, they will oil and lube the door.